NNA Promotional Products Case Study

About the Client: NNA (Network Nursing Agency) has been serving the Australian community since 1997 by providing skilled midwives and nurses to healthcare providers across Sydney and Greater NSW. NNA is committed to ensuring Australians get the best possible health care possible, which is why NNA nursing and midwifery specialties include aged and home care. Operating 24/7 to provide support, the friendly NNA team is known for being approachable and understanding, which is shown clearly throughout their website and marketing materials.

Our Brief: NNA are long-term Cubic Promote clients, but their most recent brief asked us to provide handy products for distribution during expos and health events, which is when NNA does a lot of its promotional reach-out to potential clients. The goal was to provide gifts to recipients when meeting them, which meant products that would be useful to people needing home or residential care. Another part of this brief was to supply a custom exhibition table cloth to match the branding of the products. Our team was happy to oblige!

Our Solution: Our suggestions for useful products to distribute to NNA's potential user base included microfibre cleaning cloths (to be used on glasses and tablet screens), branded lanyards (for carrying alert buttons or keys around the neck), custom printed magnets (for easy-to-see contact details on the fridge), fidget spinners (for mental alertness), cooling reusable face masks (for everyday face shielding), and hand sanitisers. All of these items offered large branding areas to carry the NNA logo and contact number and provided value for the NNA client base. When paired with the customised event table cloth, these products were a huge success. NNA kindly left a glowing review for our team and continues to use Cubic Promote for their branding solutions.

Nobby's Nuts Promotional Products Case Study

Nobby's Nuts

About the Client: Nobby’s is Australia's largest nuts brand, manufactured by The Smith's Snackfood Company, the Australian snacks division of PepsiCo. Nobby's Nuts have a long and colourful history in the minds of Aussies, primarily because of their playful slogan "Nibble Nobby's nuts" which often factors into their marketing campaigns (and has done for decades). Not only is the brand known for being fun, they are also the most popular nut choice in Australian pubs and clubs, as well as supermarkets and you can find countless Nobby's nuts flavours and mixes available to buy when you're feeling a tad peckish.

Our Brief: The marketing team came to Cubic Promote in need of around 9 products, but unsure of what products they wanted, and with no clear design in mind. Working closely with the marketing team representing Nobby's for this campaign, we helped develop slogans and designs during this collaboration period. While this granted us a lot of freedom, it also meant a lot of work to narrow down what was appropriate for the brand and what didn't fit with their culture and image.

Our Solution: We familiarised ourselves with the history of Nobby's Nuts and previous successful campaigns, as well as the Aussie snack culture to which the nuts belong. This helped us come up with product recommendations like branded bottle openers and custom drink coasters, that fit perfectly with the brand's long history producing snacks suitable for drinking or parties. The bucket hats and promotional aprons were perhaps our favourite product solutions as they allowed us to come up with some extremely playful designs, with the apron graphic being complex to execute but undoubtedly the stand-out product from the range (it does feature a naked gentleman, after all). Overall this was an exciting campaign to work on and an extremely creative venture for our team.

Twisties Custom Socks


About the Client: Most Aussies will be familiar with the popular household and lunchbox snack, Twisties. These tasty corn-based cheese curls are manufactured by Smith's Snackfood Company, the Australian snacks division of PepsiCo. Available in a variety of savoury flavours, Twisties have been a popular schoolyard treat and party essential for decades both here and abroad in places like Thailand, Malaysia, and even Italy (where they're called "Fonzies").

Our Brief: We were contacted by a marketing representative working on the Twisties range asking for promotional socks. One of the key factors for these socks was that they had to be full-colour and with a design provided edge-to-edge on both socks. The complication being that each sock in the pair had to have a completely different design! The client kindly provided us with a rough idea of the style they had in mind for the socks, and a very rough design mockup for our graphics team to create proper designs and proofing. This sock order had a strict turnaround time (within a month from ordering) because they were to be used an Twisties event.

Our Solution: The Cubic Promote team first searched out a sock style that would suit the customer's branding requirements (in this case, a sock that allowed for edge-to-edge designs). Our creative team worked closely with the Twisties marketing reps on creating two unique sock designs per pair, and ensured the repeating pattern would be suitable to the decoration method. To add to the overall look, Cubic Promote produced custom tags and custom packaging for each sock two-pack, ensuring the products had a retail look and feel to them. We were able to turn these around in an extremely quick turnaround time and provided the bulk socks with time to spare before the Twisties event took place.

By Manu Product Range

The Sauce by Manu

About The Client: 'By Manu' is celebrity chef Manu Feildel's range of pre-packaged supermarket sauces made to his exquisite recipes. The sauce range features favourites like Red Wine, Mushroom, and Diane sauce so that Aussies can enjoy their favourite meals with flavourful, restaurant-quality sauces at home. You can find out more on Bymanu.co

Our Brief:
We were asked to produce cooler bags and t-shirts by the client, colours had to fit with their brand and full-colour decoration was required for both products. Cooler bags needed to fit the client's sauce packages while the t-shirts had to be of a high quality, ideal for staff and gifts alike. The customer had a deadline that we were to work towards, the launch of the sauce range.

Our Solution: Our team sourced cooler bags that fit the client's dimensional requirements, and we recommended our preferred "high-quality" shirts, sampling both to ensure the team at 'By Manu' was happy. We then produced the first batch of branded cooler bags, which were well-received. Finally, the exquisite custom cotton tees were delivered, featuring full-colour decoration to match the bags.

You can read a full write-up on this exciting project over on the Cubic Promote blog.

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