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In the heart of Brisbane, a city known for its vibrant business landscape and dynamic events, Cubic Promote stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the promotional products industry. With our recent Carbon Neutral certification, we're not just supplying promotional merchandise; we're setting a new standard for environmental responsibility.

  • Eco-friendly Materials: Our product range, from custom-branded bags to stylish corporate apparel, is crafted with sustainability in mind. We utilize eco-friendly materials, ensuring that your promotional choices positively impact both your brand and the planet.

  • Carbon Neutral Commitment: Our commitment extends beyond products to our entire operation. We ensure that every step, from manufacturing to delivery, aligns with our goal to minimize environmental impact.

Unparalleled Customisation and Branding

At Cubic Promote, we transform ordinary items into unique branding tools. Our advanced branding techniques, ranging from intricate embroidery on apparel to vibrant digital prints on stationery, allow for customization that truly embodies your brand's essence. Our team's deep understanding of branding ensures that each product is not just a promotional item but a reflection of your brand's identity and values.

Real Success Stories from Brisbane's Streets

Our Brisbane clientele, ranging from educational institutions to government departments, have seen tangible benefits from our promotional products.

  • Client Testimonials: Institutions like the University of Queensland and Queensland Fire Rescue have leveraged our products for enhancing their brand visibility and community engagement.

  • Impactful Corporate Gifts: Corporate gifts have been particularly effective in boosting employee morale and strengthening business relationships, as echoed by our clients like Trade & Investment QLD.

Staying Ahead with Trending Products and Innovations

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving promotional merchandise sector is a cornerstone of our business philosophy. We constantly seek out and incorporate the latest trends and innovations – from tech gadgets like custom USB drives to health-focused items like branded water bottles. Our commitment to staying ahead of market trends ensures that we offer products that are not only current but also resonate with Brisbane’s dynamic business needs.


Service Excellence: Beyond Just Products

At Cubic Promote, we believe that the journey to acquiring the perfect promotional merchandise should be as remarkable and fulfilling as the products themselves. We take immense pride in offering not just products, but a complete brand-enhancing experience. Our approach involves in-depth, personalized consultations that delve into the heart of your brand's vision and event objectives. This ensures that every product we deliver is perfectly aligned with your specific campaign goals, reflecting your brand's unique identity.

Our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the point of sale. We offer unwavering after-sales support, designed to foster a rewarding and enduring partnership. Our dedicated team is always at your service, ready to address any post-delivery queries or needs, ensuring that every aspect of your experience with us is seamless and satisfying. At Cubic Promote, your satisfaction is the cornerstone of our service, and we strive to make every interaction a testament to our commitment to excellence.

We Service All Areas of Brisbane

Cubic Promote is dedicated to ensuring that no matter where your business is located in Brisbane, our premium promotional products reach you. Our expansive delivery network covers every corner of the city, from the bustling streets of Fortitude Valley to the serene suburbs of Ferny Grove, and every vibrant neighborhood in between like Kangaroo Point, West End, Woolowin, Greenslopes, Toowong, Oxley, Hawthorne, Bellbowrie, Teneriffe, Moggill, Logan City, New Farm, and Spring Hill.

We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery, which is why we've streamlined our logistics to serve you wherever you are in Brisbane. For detailed information on delivery times and specifics tailored to your Queensland location, our knowledgeable sales team is just a call or message away, ready to assist with your every need. At Cubic Promote, your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities, ensuring that your promotional merchandise arrives exactly when and where you need it.

Events and Conferences in Queensland

When planning your next tradeshow, expo, or conference in Queensland, partnering with Cubic Promote ensures you have access to an extensive array of bespoke promotional products. Our team is dedicated to providing innovative wholesale product ideas and seamless ordering assistance, tailored to the unique character of your event. With a vast online catalog, we guarantee you'll find the ideal items to meet and exceed your promotional needs.

Brisbane's amiable climate and vibrant atmosphere offer the perfect backdrop for a variety of outdoor-themed promotional items. Our selection includes not only fast custom Frisbees, intricately embroidered polo shirts, stylish promotional caps, and mini footballs, but also extends to:

  • Customisable Sunscreen Bottles: Perfect for sunny Queensland days, these can be branded with your logo, offering both utility and exposure.
  • Branded Picnic Blankets: Ideal for outdoor events, these blankets provide a cozy branding opportunity.
  • Personalised Water Bottles: Essential for hydration, these bottles are a practical and highly visible promotional tool.
  • Eco-friendly Tote Bags: Align with sustainability goals while offering a practical takeaway for attendees.
  • Portable Bluetooth Speakers: A modern and popular choice, perfect for enhancing the outdoor ambiance.
  • Insulated Cooler Bags: Ideal for keeping refreshments cool, these bags offer a large branding surface.
  • UV Protection Sunglasses: Stylish and practical, they protect eyes while showcasing your brand.

Each of these products is not just a promotional tool but a memorable keepsake that resonates with the Queensland lifestyle. With Cubic Promote, your event's promotional merchandise will be as dynamic and engaging as the event itself. Reach out to us to discover how we can bring your promotional vision to life, delivering right to your Brisbane location with efficiency and care.

Some of the great Brisbane companies we have given promotional items to include:

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Jasmine Liu

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