Tailored Branding Solutions in Perth’s Dynamic Market

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In the heart of Perth, a city renowned for its vibrant mining, tourism, and innovative industries, Cubic Promote stands as a beacon of custom promotional excellence. We are more than just a supplier; we are a partner in elevating your brand's visibility in a market that thrives on distinction and quality.


Customised Products, Your Ultimate Branding Strategy

Our service begins with an understanding of your unique needs. From the bustling streets of central Perth to the serene landscapes of its outskirts, we offer over 10,000 products, including popular items like stubby coolers and mugs, all ready to be branded with your logo. Our approach is hands-on, guiding you from concept to final product, ensuring your vision is realized with precision.

Our services are meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive branding needs of Perth businesses. Here's a glimpse of our popular product offerings:

  • Stubby Coolers: Perfect for Perth's warm climate, these keep beverages cool and your brand hot.
  • Custom Mugs: A daily staple, ideal for office use or promotional giveaways.
  • Promotional Pens: An office essential, widely used and offering constant brand exposure.
  • Branded T-Shirts: Great for events, these offer walking advertisement opportunities.
  • Corporate USB Drives: Functional tech gear that keeps your brand in your client’s hands.
  • Personalized Notebooks: Essential for meetings and conferences, branded notebooks resonate with professionals.
  • Custom Lanyards: Ideal for events and daily office use, keeping your brand visible at all times.
  • Promotional Bags: Versatile and practical, these are excellent for broadening brand reach.
  • Branded Caps: Perfect for outdoor events, offering both utility and visibility.
  • Personalised Keychains: A subtle yet effective way to keep your brand in pockets and minds.

Our expansive product range caters to various business needs, whether it's for a corporate event, a university function, or a city council initiative. We have served esteemed clients like the University of Western Australia and Murdoch University, providing them with products that are not just promotional items but powerful branding tools.

Logistics and Delivery: Reaching Every Corner of Perth

Our logistical prowess ensures that your products are delivered across Perth efficiently, be it to the bustling city center or remote areas. We understand the geographical challenges and have fine-tuned our delivery processes to ensure timely and reliable service.

  • Flexibility in Delivery Options: We offer a range of delivery options to suit different needs, including express services for urgent requirements.

  • Consistent Communication: Throughout the delivery process, we maintain clear and consistent communication with our clients. You'll always be informed about the status of your delivery, giving you peace of mind.

  • Proven Track Record: Our history of successful deliveries within Perth has built a reputation of trust and reliability. We have a long list of satisfied clients who rely on us for their regular promotional needs.

  • Customized Logistics Solutions: Understanding that each delivery is unique, we offer customized logistics solutions tailored to the specific requirements of your order, whether it’s a large corporate event or a small business promotion.

Commitment to Eco-Friendly Choices

At the core of our operations lies a deep-seated commitment to sustainability, a principle that is reflected in every aspect of our business. Here are the key facets of our dedication to eco-friendly choices:

  • Wide Range of Sustainable Products: We offer an extensive selection of eco-friendly promotional items. This range includes products made from recycled materials, biodegradable goods, and items designed for long-term use to minimize environmental impact.

  • Carbon Neutral Certification: We proudly hold a Carbon Neutral Certification, a significant milestone that underlines our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Achieving this status involved a comprehensive approach, encompassing three critical levels of neutrality:

    1. Operational Neutrality: Our operational processes, including our offices and warehouses, adhere to strict carbon-neutral standards.
    2. Product Neutrality: We ensure that the products we offer have minimal environmental impact, from production to delivery.
    3. Corporate Neutrality: As a company, we engage in initiatives that offset our overall carbon emissions, including investing in renewable energy projects and tree planting programs.
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes: We utilize sustainable manufacturing methods, significantly reducing waste and energy consumption. This not only minimizes environmental harm but also ensures the longevity and quality of our products.

  • Educating and Encouraging Clients: We actively educate and encourage our clients to opt for eco-friendly promotional products. By making informed choices, businesses can contribute positively to environmental sustainability while promoting their brand.

  • Continual Improvement and Innovation: We are constantly exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability practices. This includes staying abreast of the latest eco-friendly materials and technologies, ensuring that our product range is not only diverse but also environmentally responsible.

Through these dedicated efforts, we aim not just to meet but to set new standards in sustainable business practices, demonstrating that environmental responsibility and successful corporate branding can go hand in hand.

Huge Range of Promotional Products

From pens to lanyards and custom stubby holders, Perth customers and potential clients will be delighted that you have supplied them with a practical gift they will enjoy using time and time again. There have been many clients of ours based in Perth that have used our items as corporate gifts. Products such as custom branded jackets, corporate apparel and promotional umbrellas have been especially popular in WA. Some of the businesses we have served in Western Australia include:

Competitive Edge: Where Quality Meets Affordability

Our expertise, honed over 14 years, lies in delivering exceptional quality without the hefty price tag. We understand the importance of budget-conscious branding, and our competitive pricing model is designed to ensure that you receive the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost. This commitment to affordability does not mean a compromise in quality. Instead, it represents our dedication to providing superior value, ensuring a substantial return on your investment with products that endure and impress.

Embark on a journey of branding excellence with Cubic Promote. Join the ranks of Perth's most distinguished brands and discover how our personalized promotional solutions can transform your business's visibility. Contact us today to begin crafting a unique promotional strategy that will ensure your brand not only reaches but profoundly connects with your audience in Perth and beyond. 

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Blake Tucker

Blake is a new transplant to the promotional products industry, but after several years in real estate he knows what it's like to be a customer looking to buy promotional products! Blake is an expert on client experience and product recommendations, particularly of the sporting variety. Visit him on LinkedIn or email him via blake@cubicpromote.com.au


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