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Custom Made or Indent Branded Merchandise

Cubic Promote are the experts at Custom Made Merchandise.  Currently we have just over 7000 different items on our website Cubic Promote that can be branded with your logo.  If none of these branded items appeal to you though then our Indent Service may be just the thing for you.  We have made products for the Australian State & Federal Government and for companies too. If you need custom made merchandise with a specific colour, aesthetic or functionality then we can help you out. Even if the item is for retail purposes we can help. From custom made funky stress balls shapes through to a unique FlashDrive style or perhaps a tailor made made giant slinky?

All sorts of fun possibilities start here. To truly stick out from the crowd and be perceived as Fresh, Innovative and Funky there is no better way!!

Why Choose Custom Indent Products?

Endless possibilities!  Literally any product you can dream of we can help create for you.  For larger product orders this is definitely a good option to go with.  On top of that because there is no inventory or warehousing required for having a custom made item made up for you the cost per unit allows you greater savings too.

How Do I Start?

1) An IDEA!!
2) A phonecall to our team 

Our team is pretty much capable of taking just a thought from our client and running with it and creating a product from your imagination. We have designers on board who can do graphical illustrations through to an industrial designers who will be able to select the most appropriate material as well as execute the idea from a structural perspective.

Alternatively if you would like to be more hands on we will love to work with you every step of the production process to creat the perfect printed merchandise. You are very welcome to have input from everthing from colour, material, texture, quality and more!

How Long Does it Take?

From experience generally most projects adhere to the time line below:

  • 2 Weeks to Create Drawing Designs and material selection
  • 4 Weeks production time
  • 4 Weeks Sea Freight or 1 Week Air Freight

Therefore all up about 9-10 weeks using Sea Freight.

How Much does it Cost? Will I save money?

The cost obvoiusly depends on the amount of detail and customisation required. However to give you some sort of an idea for larger quantities (eg. 5,000 key chains) you would expect to save money and pay less compared to stocked items. Therefore if you are in a position to procure marketing merchandise or to procure retail stock having Cubic Promote custom create products for you is definitely a worthwhile experience. For a more accurate price for your project please email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

So if need promotional items in a bulk quantity, looking for something really really different, and want to save money then custom made promotional merchandise may be just the solution. Call us to find out more! 02 9232 2163.

A popular product idea we have been doing this year have been promotional teddy bears custom branded & custom created fo you.  Some examples of these include:


 football_custom_promotional_bears.jpg personalised_teddy_bears.jpg





Other than promotional plush toys we can also create custom mould tooling for virtually any plastic made promotional toys! Plastic toys can be broadly categorised between hard plastic and soft plastic PVC promotional items.  Hard plastic products are basically any product which is solid and has a smooth plastic surface like most products.  To create a hard plastic surfaced product such as a promotional keychain or a promotional USB will require a custom tooling mould.  This is typically a more expensive process than soft plastic PVC. 







For custom items which are made from soft PVC plastic these typically feel just a little bit like a rubber.  They have a very very small give to the touch and are not as rigid.  Most custom made plastic products that we do typically are made from soft PVC plastic as it is a lot more economical and are more appropriate for small runs of merchandise.

soft_pvc_bracelet.jpg soft_pvc_usb.jpg






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