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  • Novelty Bud Promotional Lounge Wear

    Here at Cubic Promote, we're not-so-secret fans of unique promotional clothing. So when we heard that America's own Bud Light beer was branching out into leisurewear, we were excited to take a look.
  • Promotional Chocolates will come in Ruby

    Promotional chocolates have always been one of the most popular types of confectionery for tradeshows, expos and corporate gifting. Since the beginning, chocolates have only ever come in 3 flavours.
  • Promotional Stunt With Post-it® Notes

    Adhesive notes are extremely useful products to have in your home or office. Jot a note down, stick it next to your monitor or into a notebook and you won't forget its contents easily. 3M, inventors
  • Peer Inside Emmy's Promotional Swag Bag

    Our beloved actors have been sent home with some divine gift bags after this year’s Emmy award ceremony. It contained some incredibly exclusive items like; an infinite membership to the exclusive
  • The Most Expensive Custom iPhone Yet

    Whenever a new iPhone is announced, it doesn't take long for the custom variations to start hitting the press soon after. The iPhone X is no exception, in fact, if anything this exciting new iPhone
  • How to Make Your Logo More Eco-Friendly

    In this day and age, we are all striving to protect our planet and minimise the harm we do to nature. One of the ways to do this is to invest in eco-friendly
  • Promotional Playing Cards Inspiration

    When it comes to promoting your existing brand, sometimes you just need a little additional inspiration from available merchandise options. Take for example this great wine label rebrand for Ikano,
  • Promotional Colouring Book Kerfuffle

    Colouring books are currently enjoying a huge resurgence in popularity thanks to adult colouring books. These books feature slightly more complex designs ideal for grown-ups seeking mindfulness, and
  • Who Invented Promotional Mints

    The humble breath mint is one of my favourite pieces of candy. I love how it is low in calories and low in sugar and packed with flavour. So this has got me wondering, who invented the humble mint (which
  • Luxury Promotional Playing Cards

    Playing cards are an ancient form of entertainment with roots as far back as the Tang dynasty (9th century AD)! What makes playing cards retain their popularity is the fact that they can be used in
  • Who Invented Balloons?

    Balloons are the kind of product that we're all so used to seeing that we don't stop to consider where they came from. Whenever there is a celebration people decorate and hand out colourful toy balloons,
  • Scary Promotional Balloons

    Have you strolled through the city streets in Sydney today? Then perhaps you may have come across these red balloons, floating around. These balloons have been distributed around Sydney, they are always
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