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  • Emoji Branded Custom Chocolate Bars

    Hershey's chocolates are only just starting to make appearances on Australian shelves, but in the US Hershey's is the common chocolate of choice for those wanting to share a yummy treat with friends.
  • Pokemon Promotional Tee Shirt Comp

    The winner of an annual competition for the best tee shirt design will now be featured inside the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Switch Video Game. With a global audience and passionate
  • Promotional Products for Music Festivals

    Australians love a good concert or a festival which is why we have such a huge variety of music festivals across the country. People travel thousands of KMs just to see their favourite bands in action
  • New Branded Bamboo Products

    A decade ago about the only promotional products made from bamboo we had in stock were pens (with a bamboo barrel) and notebooks (with bamboo covers or paper). These days, with the turn towards eco-friendly
  • Ideas for Reusing Old Branded Pens

    When your promotional pens come to the end of their useful life as writing instruments, it can be tempting to just toss them in the bin and get a new one. However, as we are living in an age where reusing
  • Cleaning Your Promotional Microfibre Cloths

    I'll tell you a bit of an industry secret. The most effective promotional item available is not the ever popular promotional pen, nor mousepads, but is microfibre cloths. These pieces of fabric, have
  • Amazing Famous Brand Logo Rip Offs

    While you're building your brand the dream is to achieve international recognition, but sometimes when you hit the big time you're bombarded with others ripping off your unique logo and look. Here are
  • National Lost a Sock Day Australia

    Apparently, such a day exists — the national lost sock memorial day. As the name exists, if you have ever lost a sock (especially those stylish custom printed ones, that have a unique design, that
  • Wash Your Promotional Bottles

    Did you just purchase a set of promotional bottles for your organisation? The idea of a reusable water bottle is simple and appealing.
  • Top Promotional Products for May

    May has brought a cool seasonal change to much of the country and with that change comes an exciting shift in the popularity of different promotional products. Check out three branded merchandise
  • Quirky Branded Donut Lip Balms

    Dunkin' Donuts, the popular snack chain in the USA has recently rebranded to simply "Dunkin'", and part of their recent rebrand has been a slew of new products including a unique set of new promotional
  • Why You Need a Promotional Webcam Cover

    These days most computers and smartphones have inbuilt cameras that capture extremely high-resolution images. This has been a welcome upgrade in technology compared to the sad old add-on webcams and
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