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Blogging on Design & Marketing

  • 4 Household Items With Surprising Functions

    We've all got promotional products around the house we've used plenty of times without necessarily unlocking their true potential, or understanding exactly why they were made a certain way. Don't believe
  • Quirky Retro Branded Clothing Collaboration

    Trolli is well known the world over for their sweet candy treats (Gummi Bears and Sour Worms being two of their biggest success stories), but they're also keen on kooky marketing ideas. If you visit
  • Why Do Suit Pockets Come Sewn Shut?

    We've all been at a nice clothing store, trying on a comfortable and appealing suit, we go to pop our hands in the pockets casually and... denied! While it might be a frustrating process, it turns out
  • 5 Best Selling Personalised Wedding Favours

    Today Australia said a resounding YES to marriage equality, but we've seen a large increase in wedding favour orders in recent months for all kinds of celebrations and ceremonies! We thought it would
  • Who Invented Promotional Backpacks

    The way we go about carrying lots of things around has changed dramatically. Nowadays, if we need things to be carried around we simply reach for a backpack or a duffle bag. A tough bag with a large
  • Stranger Things Personalised Merchandise

    May you have been lucky  enough to watch the Season 2, T.V show called Stranger Things? The show is amazing, and in a short amount of time this show has amassed a huge amount of fans. With all things
  • Top 5 Crazy USB Drives

    We're all so used to seeing promotional swivel-style flash drives that it's sometimes easy to forget
  • Eco-Friendly Branding Ink

    In this day and age, we're all being wary of our carbon footprints and mindful of the impact our everyday choices have on the environment. One organisation in America is making progress in the print
  • Incredible Custom Pencil Art

    If there's one thing we love about art, it's that it can take many different forms using a variety of different mediums. One of the more traditional artistic pursuits is illustrating on paper using
  • Horse Racing Memorabilia

    It's that time of year again when the race that stops the nation, well, stops a nation. Spring Carnival is a popular time in Australia but no other day on the racing calendar has quite the same impact
  • Stranger Things Promotional Socks

    The second season of Netflix's hit show Stranger Things has only been out for a couple of weeks, but already the merchandise is flowing as eager fans lap up unique custom products related to their favourite
  • Lifesaving Custom Truckers Caps

    A leading cause of injury and death on modern roads is tiredness, particularly for people who spend a lot of their time driving (such as truck and delivery drivers). After driving many days in a row
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