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Here at Cubic Promote, we understand that sometimes seeing a product online just isn't enough for a large campaign. That's why we offer a variety of samples to clients seeking to appreciate the look and feel of a product up close before opting to proceed with a full order. Our sampling options and processes for promotional products are as follows;

Unbranded Physical Product Samples

We supply you with plain products featuring either branding from a previous job or no branding at all. These are items we have available in our warehouse, and they are not produced specifically for you. This sample option is perfect for people wanting to judge a product's;

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Composition
  • Branding Area

Unbranded physical samples valued below $10 can be provided, individually, free of charge. Items valued over $10 can be supplied at cost price + delivery to your location. If the sample is returned in perfect condition, we can refund payment if you no longer wish to proceed, or offset some costs against a full order.

Various Kinds and colours of Notebooks

Pre-Production Item Samples

These are individual items produced with your logo design before you place a full order for custom merchandise. Pre-production samples incur a standard decoration set-up charge (the same cost as a full order), so we recommend utilising them only for large, bulk orders or orders with high levels of customisation. For standard orders, we provide a free virtual mockup featuring your design instead. Pre-production samples can take several weeks to produce depending on the product, so we do not recommend them for urgent orders either.

If you do require a pre-production sample, simply ask our sales team for pricing on this individually branded item. The total costs will usually cover the product + the print setup + delivery to your location. Depending on the product and the branding method this can range in pricing between $60-$200. Reasons for ordering pre-production samples include;

  • Ensuring print colour meets branding specifications
  • Confirming print positioning
  • Double checking overall look and feel
  • Providing a physical sample for board members or colleagues to assist in approving

Why Order Promotional Product Samples?

People often order samples of promotional products before committing to bulk purchases for several valid reasons. Firstly, assessing the tangible quality of items helps ensure they meet desired standards, avoiding disappointment and potential financial losses. Secondly, evaluating the true colours and textures allows for brand consistency, which is vital for creating a professional image.

Additionally, by physically interacting with the products, one can gauge their functionality and user-friendliness. In summary, obtaining samples safeguards businesses against poor investments, promotes brand coherence, and ensures customer satisfaction, making it a prudent approach for any marketing campaign.

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No matter your reason for requiring a sample, the team at Cubic Promote are happy to provide you all the information and costing details available. Contact us today on 1300 858 288 for further information on unbranded and branded samples for your next event or promotion.

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