In this day and age, we are all striving to protect our planet and minimise the harm we do to nature. One of the ways to do this is to invest in eco-friendly promotional products, but what if this isn't an option for your campaign or organisation? It turns out there's a natty solution for that which can save both money and wastage!

Eco Friendly Branding Options

Smart Ways to Reduce Printing Costs for Your Logo

It might seem odd, but this method for reducing waste starts with the colour and typography of a brand's logo. While it can be appealing to design full-colour and multi-gradient logos, these require more ink than a logo with one colour printing. Similarly, with your solid one colour logos, you can save further print costs by using an outlined version of the same design when branding. An example would be the famous McDonalds arches -- they're easily recognisable, but they lose very little when switched to outlines only;

McDonalds Eco Friendly Logo

If the famous golden arches were printed in this way, McDonald's use up to 35% less ink every year! While reducing ink seems like a small place to start, the costs of ink and printing add up. Ink alone is a very costly element of decoration, and then there's the energy involved in printing as well as data storage for product designs. It's important for us all to consider ways to consume less but that doesn't mean we need to stop promoting our businesses altogether.

Nike Logo Eco Friendly Starbucks Logo Eco Friendly

While there are services around that offer to do this for you, we suggest you ask your designer for an outlined version of your logo or simply contact the Cubic Promote team for more information on eco-friendly merchandise and ink-saving print options. Together we can work towards a more sustainable future.

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