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Promotional Straws

We sell reusable straws custom printed with your graphic or logo. Reusable straws make innovative promotional gifts aimed at eco-conscious consumers, whilst remaining convenient and still reducing plastic waste. Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of reusable drinking straws, all of which are easy to wash with a cleaning brush and reuse for years to come with our reusable straw sets. Our custom branded drinking straws are cost effective eco-friendly items for those on the move.

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Branding Methods

Customise your eco straws effectively with our specialised branding techniques, each ensuring your logo is prominently displayed:

  • Pad Printing: Ideal for applying concise, single-colour designs directly onto the straw surface, suitable for logos and short text.
  • Laser Engraving: Etches the design into the straw material, creating a permanent, elegant mark that won't fade over time.

What is a Reusable Straw or Stainless Steel Straws?

Reusable stainless steel straws are a drinking straw made of durable and sustainable materials such as metal, glass, silicone, or bamboo and are intended for reuse rather than disposal after use.

Given the state of the environment at present, people are starting to utilise reusable straws as a way to cut down on needless rubbish using reusable straws instead of plastic straws. You can join the cause and highlight these on your social responsibility or marketing campaigns.

Types of Reusable Straws

Reusable straws come in different types below to suit your preference:

  • Metal straws are sleek and durable custom reusable straws to choose. They are best for tea, coffee, and juices as they are heat resistant and do not stain. They are also simple to hand wash or dishwasher disinfect.
  • Silicone straws are bendy and soft, making them safe for kids to use and less worrisome for parents when selecting custom reusable straws. They are also easy to wash and they do not leach chemicals when exposed to variations in temperature.
  • Bamboo straws are chemical-free and less likely to harbour harmful bacteria. They are usable with both hot and cold liquids and are more versatile than typical plastic straws.

FAQ on Reusable Straws

Do you supply reusable straws with logo printing?

Yes, we supply reusable straws with your custom branding.

What is the smallest number of reusable straws I can order?

The minimum quantity of reusable straws we can supply is 100 units.

What is the best way to clean reusable straws?

While the narrow opening of straws makes them tricky to clean, it is a simple process. The best way to clean a reusable straw is by using a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner.

Some straws come with tiny brushes to clean them. However, if they do not, pipe cleaners are a great alternative. Use long ones that fit into your straw, then scrub it using dishwashing soap to remove residue. Then, give the outer a quick rub too using a sponge or with your fingers. Lastly, rinse thoroughly and dry

Do you supply disposable straws?

Yes, we supply eco-friendly disposable straws made from paper. Speak to our friendly customer care team for more information.

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Reusable Straw Set with Pouch

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