Fundraising Success: Custom Umbrellas

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One time, there was this fundraising event by the local surf club. They were trying to raise money to buy new equipment for their lifeguard patrols. But when the heavens opened up on the day of the event, people didn't stay long enough to donate as they wanted to avoid getting drenched in the rain. That got me thinking - what if they had custom promotional umbrellas during that fundraiser? Not only would it have protected people from getting soaked in the rain, but those brollies could also showcase their logo and promote their cause while staying practical and functional.

So join me as we explore how promotional umbrellas can give your next fundraising event a boost!

1. Promotional umbrellas are versatile and practical.
2. Highlight your cause effectively with branded brollies.
3. Use umbrella benefits to promote your fundraising event successfully.

Boost Fundraising Success With Promotional Umbrellas

Why Promotional Umbrellas?

Promoting with umbrellas is an excellent way to stand out from other corporate swag such as pens or cups because:

  • Custom-branded umbrellas are versatile items that people can use during different weather conditions.
  • Large canvases mean brand logos or taglines will appear prominently against any chosen background colour.
  • Compared to other giveaways, promotional umbrellas are practical keepsakes that recipients can use every day after receiving them through participation in various activities or events in support of your charity's mission.

Make Your Cause Stand Out

Fundraising isn't always easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Many charities compete for sponsorship among local business owners. So if you want your donation drive or resource raising campaign standout successfully:

  • Get creative with personalised branded brollies featuring original designs showcasing your group's logo or slogan.
  • Consider golf-style branded brollies with UV protection when hosting fundraising events like walks/runs across wide areas because not only will they come in handy during sunny weather while promoting valuable skin-safe measures, but it will also make great keepsakes long after the event.
  • Use smaller promotional items or branded merchandise such as t-shirts and hats to encourage people to donate more.

Xavier Children’s Support Network Success Story

We recently worked with Xavier Children’s Support Network, a non-profit organisation working tirelessly around Melbourneto help disadvantaged children across Victoria who were running a winter charity run. They weren't too confident about numbers turning up given very costly weather forecasts!

The first thing we suggested was branding huge golf-style umbrellas that'd protect the participants from any harsh weather. Plus, they had enough space to advertise their awesome logo!

The result?

Strewth, those branded umbrellas were a fair dinkum success story! By providing comfort during unpredictable winter weather conditions. Donors were all over them like flies in a barbecue sausage, and they became more popular than any other fundraising giveaway.


Promotional umbrellas can serve as powerful marketing tools for your charity or nonprofit organization. They're versatile items that people can use to provide protection from different weather conditions while showcasing your branding and making great keepsakes long after events are over.

Whether it's hosting catwalks or organising charity walks/runs, using custom-branded brollies is an excellent way to increase awareness about your mission while fostering camaraderie among donors/members and promoting an active lifestyle amongst Australians.

So next time you're planning an outdoor event reserved for raising funds and supporting community causes - gear up with promotional customised brollies – now ain't no amount of blazing sunshine nor heavy rainfall gonna stop y'all!


Author Profile: Jasmine Liu

Jasmine Liu

Jasmine is the head of Cubic Promote's accounts and has 14 years of experience in the promotional product industry. Because Jasmine's expertise is with the financial end of things, she is an expert on budget-friendly campaigns and large-scale promotions requiring additional logistics. Visit her on LinkedIn or email her at

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