Custom Umbrellas for Corporate Recognition

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It's a rainy day, and you're walking down the street with your branded umbrella in hand. Suddenly, someone taps on your shoulder and asks where they can get their hands on one just like it. That's the power of promotional umbrellas - not only are they practical, but they also provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to advertise their brand. In this article, we'll talk about the benefits of using promotional umbrellas as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Promotional umbrellas provide corporate recognition.
2. They are versatile and customisable.
3. They provide exposure even in public areas.

 Promotional Umbrellas: Corporate Recognition Made Easy
Practical Advertising

Have you ever received a freebie that was both practical and effective? That's exactly what promotional umbrellas are all about! Here are some reasons why they make great advertising tools:

  • Promotional umbrellas serve as mobile billboards while providing protection from rain or sun.
  • They can be customized to align with your branding strategy, making them stand out from other generic umbrellas.
  • Branded umbrellas create an excellent opportunity for exposure at events such as trade shows or outdoor festivals.

Customisable Options

What makes promotional umbrellas so versatile is their customizable options. From size to color to printing technique, here are some ways you can personalise your umbrella:

  • Choose from compact sizes for easy storage or large golf styles for broader coverage.
  • Pick colors that match your branding while making it stand out from other plain-colored brollies.
  • Opt for durable materials like fiberglass ribs that offer added protection against strong winds.
  • Use screen-printing or full-color sublimation techniques for maximum impact and visibility.

Suitable For Outdoorsy Events

Promotional umbrellas may be practical everyday items but take them outdoors in settings like golf days or music festivals is where they truly shine. Here are some reasons why they are perfect for outdoorsy events:

  • People often forget to bring umbrellas in outdoor events.
  • Free branded umbrellas provide a valuable service and act like a personal billboard while attendees stay dry.
  • They make excellent souvenirs that guests can take home, providing continued exposure after the event is over.

Western Plains Automotive Success Story

A branded brolly ain't just something handy, mate. It's a top conversation starter too! It can get ya chatting up potential clients and peaking their interest in what ya got on offer. 'Cause let's face it- we're all suckers for free stuff, right? Giving someone a cracking custom umbrella with their company logo is bound to build some ripper goodwill towards YOUR brand!

Here's a fair dinkum example for you, mate. Western Plains Automotive, our client, chucked in some branded umbrellas as pressies for their dealership customers during the wet season. Gossip galore started spreading about the new sick personal promos being handed out by WPA.

Pretty soon, everyone was keen as mustard to get their hands on one - resulting in an influx of foot traffic flocking into the dealership, all thanks to our ripper branded umbrellas! Here's a dinky-di fact - if you see something regularly out in public areas, it adds to its perceived value!


Promotional umbrellas may seem like just another practical item, but they offer so much more. From customizable options to being suitable for a range of occasions, these brollies certainly pack a punch when it comes to marketing potential. Next time you're caught in the rain with one of these bad boys in hand think of how many eyes have landed on your branding!


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