Promotional Umbrellas For Outdoor Promotions

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Picture this - you're walking down the street on a beautiful summer day when all of a sudden, dark clouds start rolling in. Before you know it, an unexpected downpour starts pouring heavily from the sky! You're frantically looking for shelter when you notice that everyone around you is calmly opening up their promotional umbrellas, provided by various brands to tackle this exact situation. These umbrellas not only keep them dry but also serve as walking billboards for those companies.

1. Promotional umbrellas are cost-effective marketing tools.
2. UV reflective details enhance brand visibility in low-light conditions.
3. Customized umbrellas are great for outdoor events.

 Promotional Umbrellas For Outdoor Promotions

Benefits of Promotional Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas are excellent marketing tools for outdoor promotions and events. Not only do they provide protection against unpredictable weather conditions, but they also offer several other practical benefits such as:

  • Large surface area: The vast expanse of space available on promotional umbrellas makes them perfect for displaying a brand logo or message.
  • High durability: These umbrellas are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rain.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Promotional umbrellas serve as long-term advertising tools at an affordable cost.

Shining Light On Your Brand

With advances in printing technology today, promotional umbrella manufacturers can include UV reflective details that light up logos even in low-light conditions like overcast skies or nighttime events. While it looks cool and professional during day events too!

Types of Promotional Umbrellas

You can pick between several common types while selecting the perfect promotional umbrella for your business, depending on your target audience.

  • Compact umbrellas: These smaller-sized umbrellas are easy to carry around and perfect for daily use.
  • Golf style umbrellas: With larger dimensions and robust build quality, golf umbrellas offer high durability against tough weather conditions.
  • Beach umbrellas: If the beach is part of your brand's identity or target audience, branded beach brollies will make an excellent gift with longevity. Also, users are sure to remember your brand as they stay shaded by the waves!

Environmentally Friendly Options

Sustainability has become one of those buzzwords that won't go out of fashion anytime soon. So why not show clients just how much you care about such issues with eco-friendly promotional umbrellas? Some benefits include:

  • Adding value to perceived social responsibility (CSR) norms.
  • Contributing positively back into nature by choosing sustainable materials like bamboo frames or recycled plastic handles.
  • Earning more loyal customers' trust since consumers with shared values opt towards brands connoting similar beliefs.

Woodridge State School Success Story

Woodridge State School, located just outside Brisbane, faced a sudden power outage caused by thunderstorms during an outdoor event. However, the school was well-prepared with promotional umbrellas from Cubic Promote to keep everyone dry when the heavy rain hit. The kids and teachers escaped unscathed from the downpour while leaving the event under branded umbrellas held high above their heads. This move not only helped them to create a lasting impression on whoever saw them but also turned them into walking billboards for the Woodridge State School brand name in their quest for top-notch education nearby - further boosting recognition while saving students and staff from being soaking wet!


Investing in high-quality promotional umbrellas is an effective way to get exposure and increase visibility while providing practical benefits to its users in unexpected weather situations. By branding these everyday items with UV reflective logos that stand out even during cloudy skies or dark surroundings during outdoor promotions – you're creating walking billboards for years ahead! Additionally, customizing the right type of umbrella based on your target audience preferences can also play a significant role in building customer loyalty towards brands.


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