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Promotional Bags for Every Event

When preparing for your next trade show, orientation week, or corporate gathering, think of the impact promotional bags can make. With Cubic Promote, you have a range of choices ranging from tote bags to messenger bags, sports bags, and functional backpacks. Each of these custom bags can be designed with your distinct logo or slogan, transforming them into powerful promo bags online.

Our collection isn't just limited to one genre. Whether you're looking for classic school backpacks, shopping totes, or eco-conscious bags, our range ensures you get personalised bags tailored to your brand's character. Business ventures, casual events, or retail campaigns – our branded bags are perfect for every occasion. Need more insights? Our bag buying guide is here to assist.

For a low-cost addition to your personalised bags, hang our promotional metal keyrings on the zippers of the branded bags to help your customers not forget their keys.

Our Top 4 Best Sellers
Vex Paper Carry Bags Large
Vex Paper Carry Bags Large
Priced from
AU 2.34
Small Nivari Wine Paper Bags
Small Nivari Wine Paper Bags
Priced from
AU 3.10
Micro Sized Cooler Bags
Micro Sized Cooler Bags
Priced from
AU 4.51
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Visual Samples of Custom Printed Bags

We aim to offer complete transparency and assurance with our promo bags online. That's why we provide visual samples of custom bags and promo bags online. These detailed images let you envisage how your custom printed bags or backpacks would look after branding. And guess what? This service, perfect for everyone from startup brands to student-run clubs, comes free of charge.

Physical Promotion Bags

An unbranded bag from any of our collections, are available here in Cubic Promote. This option will enable you to check the bag's details closely and let you try it on so you can confirm your custom bags order. Please reach out to our customer care team for this option. This option won't include any of your brands decoration, artwork or embroidered accessories such as your business logo that would be present on your customised bags after production.

Pre-Production Samples of Personalised Bags

Cubic Promote also offers a pre-production sample to our customers. After that, you will see the final product, including your custom brand or logo on the promotional bag. Each piece will cost $90. Please get in touch with our customer care team to assist you.

Cubic Promote Offers Warehousing, Graphic Design, Quick Payment & a Sydney Showroom

Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction

Cubic Promote stands by the quality of its promotion bags and personalised bags. Our commitment to excellence extends to both the promotion bags and the print quality. Hence, if you ever receive promotional bags or custom bags from us that don't meet your expectations or have manufacturing defects, rest assured, we will replace them.

Our promotional bags and custom bags come with a custom print quality guarantee. Crafted from superior materials like premium cotton and resilient polyester, our promo bags online ensure durability and class. However, on the off chance that there are printing discrepancies on your custom printed bags, our dedicated customer care team is always ready to help.

Why Choose Cubic Promote?

The world is shifting towards sustainable choices, and as traditional plastic bags exit the scene, custom printed bags and promotion bags emerge as the new brand ambassadors. Whether it's a tote bag you spot at a grocery store or personalised bags at corporate events, promotional bags offer tremendous brand visibility.

Cubic Promote ensures your business or sports team gets the best from all of our custom printed bags. From material quality to affordable pricing and intricate branding details, we make branded bags and promotional items that resonate. Every drawstring bag, tote, or other branded bags from our collection promises quality without straining your budget.

Let promotional bags be the canvas for your brand's story. Trust Cubic Promote to deliver impeccable quality, outstanding designs, branded bags and products that truly amplify your brand.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote Online ensures fast delivery & offers affordable promotional products, gifts, & merchandise in Australia. Shop now! Call 1300858288 for more info.