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Buy sticky adhesive notes and authentic Post-It ® Notes with your custom logo branding from Cubic Promote. We are Australia's leading supplier of quality sticky notes manufactured locally and abroad with your promotional decoration. Order in bulk for home, offices, or large-scale events and we will supply adhesive notepaper to meet your requirements.

We Print Your Logo on Each Note

We are the bulk buy experts. Buy a larger quantity of sticky notes, and you watch as the price per unit drops. The great thing about adhesive sticky notes is that they do not have an expiration date and as long as there are usable pages for a person to use, they will never be thrown out. What this means for you is that you will get unbelievable brand exposure at an amazingly low price. Adhesive notes are extremely useful and are designed to be eye-catching, memorable, and constantly looked at, making it an ideal promotional product.

Printed Adhesive Notes Made in Australia

Our sticky notes are proudly made and printed in Australia using either brand new paper pulp from sustainable plantations or using recycled paper. For more eco-friendly promotional products visit our environmental promotional items category.

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What are Promotional Sticky Notes?

Promotional sticky notes are small pieces of paper with a light strip of glue on the back so that they can be adhered and re-adhered to various surfaces. This handy glue strip allows you to stick important notes on any item or location in your office for easy access. Post-It® notes from 3M are the most popular sticky notes on the market, but there are a variety of other options available too. We print each lightweight note sheet with your logo design to use for promotional purposes.

Eco Friendly Recycled Paper Option

All of our adhesive notes feature the option for you to have your notes delivered using eco-friendly recycled paper. This option does cost a little more, as the process for recycling adds to the cost of the product. To obtain a quote simply email or call us and we will be glad to provide you with a quote. We source all recycled paper from recycling facilities located around Australia. The colour of recycled paper tends to be a little duller compared to the non-recycled and is considered normal.

Paper Colour Choice For Sticky Notes

The price listed on our website for sticky notes is for standard white and standard yellow sticky notes. Other colour options are available including Fluro Green, Fluro Pink, Fluro blue and Fluro orange. Also available are pastel colours including pastel pink, pastel blue and pastel green. These cost a little extra per unit. Ask us for pricing.

Option on Number of Note Pages

When you go into a shop and purchase a pack of sticky notes, those tend to be 50 pages in thickness. When you get your sticky notes custom made by us though, you have the option of choosing the thickness to your liking and your budget. Choose from:
- 25 Pages
- 40 Pages
- 50 Pages
- 100 pages

Quick Promotional Sticky Note Delivery

Standard delivery for sticky notes is 1.5 weeks for most orders. If you required your sticky notes with a faster turnaround time to meet your needs, just let us know. As more often than not, we can reschedule jobs to make way for your urgent quick order. Delivery is Australia-wide to your location of choice using one of our courier partners.

Colour Printing and Watermarking Your Adhesive Notes

Your sticky notes can easily be printed in solid colours. Pricing changes depending on the number of print colours you require. 1 colour | 2 colour | 3 colour and full colour digital print options are available for you. When printing in full colour, we use digital printing for best effect.

It is also possible to Watermark your adhesive note paper too. A watermark is a washed out representation of your graphic. It is extremely subtle yet quite attractive. Having a watermark allows your sticky note to have a gorgeous larger than usual print of your graphic yet still allow for the product to have a large usable writing surface.

Tips and Hints on Creating Artwork for Sticky Note Pads

When creating graphics for your sticky notepad we recommend not to have prints that cover more than a print area of 70% of the total surface. A heavy graphic saturation will make the product hard for the user to use on a daily basis and will affect how your brand is perceived. If in doubt contact us, and we can take you through the designing process or even create some visual artwork pieces for you to view and amend to your liking.

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