Promotional Umbrellas: Your Corporate Gift Solution

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Have you ever been caught in the rain with no protection and ended up soaked to the bone? It's a miserable experience that nobody enjoys. That's why promotional umbrellas make excellent corporate gifts - they're practical, versatile, and customizable to your brand's needs. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using promotional umbrellas as a marketing tool and how they can help your business stand out from the competition.

1. Promotional umbrellas are practical gifts.
2. Customizable options available for versatility.
3. Choose eco-friendly options for sustainability.

 Promotional Umbrellas: Your Corporate Gift Solution

Marketing Opportunities

Promotional umbrellas are more than just a basic necessity during rainy days. They present multiple business opportunities. Here are some marketing benefits of utilizing promotional umbrellas:

  • Modern printing techniques allow you to customize promotions on both small and large-scale brollies’ models.
  • Print your logo prominent for everyone to see on outdoor events like fairs or festivals, bringing more traffic awareness towards it.
  • Unlike other promos like pens or keychains that people may lose or discard after using them, customizing an umbrella means recipients will most likely keep them because of their usefulness. Not only is this good for general branding longevity but awards lasting customer rapport.


One significant advantage of gifting promotional umbrellas is their versatility – there's always an option for different occasions depending on who’s going to receive it:

  • Firms looking forward to conducting open-air firm exhibitions could consider larger brollies in case attendees want shade while visiting exhibition areas.
  • Smaller compact ones or foldable models might suit office goers to sit inside purses if threatened by sudden weather changes when commuting.
  • Fancy golf-brollies work great as giveaways for avid golfers so they don't have to worry about getting drenched when playing through water hazards aplenty.

Eco-Friendly Options

At Cubic Promote, eco-friendly practices mean everything! We've converted many plastic waste materials into recyclable designs across our extensive range presented below:

  • Sustain-a-brellas made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fibers incorporating 20 plastic bottles per item manufactured.
  • Reusable bamboo variations or wooden-stem brollies can help you avoid depending on petroleum-based plastics for products used once and thrown away.
  • Eco-friendly variations have other features like longer-lasting windproof frames - a touch of sustainability in design.

Western Plains Automotive Success Story

Western Plains Automotive was organizing their yearly open day and wanted to give away some presents to people so they wouldn't get soaked in the unpredictable Queensland weather. They decided not to go with the usual door prizes and instead opted for Cubic Promote's branded umbrellas.

It was bucketing down on the day of the Western Plains Automotive event, but everyone was ecstatic to get their mitts on the custom-branded brollies. The logo of the company stood out in high-definition print, guaranteeing an ongoing boom in brand recognition and return business! This yarn just goes to show that thinking outside the box can have a real impact and put your business over the top when pitted against competitors.


Promotional umbrellas are an outstanding advertising tool due to their practicality. They make excellent corporate gifts that stand out because they're customizable; those umbrella options available cater likes and preferences while supporting environmentalism through eco-friendly manufacturing practices will indeed score points among such customers' tastes. So whether it is raining cats and dogs or just scorching heat from above remember promo brollies got you covered literally!


Author Profile: David De Mulder

David De Mulder

David is a sales manager at Cubic Promote with over 13 years of experience in the promotional product industry. David is the resident expert on promotional pens, corporate gift packs, and promotional product distribution across multiple departments. Visit him on LinkedIn or email him at

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