The team are Cubic Promote is like any other this time of year, excited about the holiday season and enjoying a variety of holiday treats. It came to our attention that there's a very relevant national day over the weekend that Christmas and confectionery fans are bound to get behind, and it's a wonderful way to celebrate promotional chocolates no matter where you are!

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Enjoy Custom Chocolate This December

It turns out that December 16th, conveniently this Saturday, is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day! This is the perfect time of year for a chocolate-y celebration because there are a lot of promotional chocolates produced during the Christmas season. Despite temperatures soaring here in Australia, chocolate remains a staple treat during December. That's why we think it's time we embrace this little-known day of celebration and start enjoying chocolate on everything this weekend.

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So how do you participate in National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? Well, first of all, you need some chocolate. You can pick a quality smooth-eating or high-quality bake chocolate to melt down so you can cover something with chocolate (we recommend strawberries or marshmallows). Or you can just invest in some yummy promo chocolate (such as custom decorated Lindt chocolate balls) and eat it without adding anything else. Chocoholics are sharing their pics and comments via the social media hashtag, #ChocolateCoveredAnythingDay - so get ready for tomorrow and chocolate your hearts out!

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