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Top 5 Ugliest Christmas Printed Sweaters

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The time of year when outlandish, gaudy, cliché, blinking, and apparently sometimes hairy describe the attire at your dinner party is upon us! Stepping out in a printed sweater is our trend reality for the month to come. While many choose a standard Christmas themed printed sweater, others choose to customise and decorate to their heart’s humour’s truly ugly desires. Our selection this year of the top 5 worst of the worst may leave you downright scared to open the door at the bell.


#5 Tropical meets Fairy Tale meets Mesozoic???

Dinosaur Ugly Printed Sweater Dinosaur Ugly Printed Sweater


#4  How many colours are in Santa's Toy Shop?

Kaleidoscope Ugly Printed Sweater Kaleidoscope Ugly Printed Sweater


#3  Where's Rudolph, Frosty, and all the elves?

Tree Ugly Printed Sweater Tree Ugly Printed Sweater


#2  Couldn't resist the milk that sat out for days?

Couple Sick Reindeer Ugly Printed Sweater Couple Sick Reindeer Ugly Printed Sweater


#1  How else can you show off your belly in winter?

Hairy Ugly Printed Sweater Hairy Ugly Printed Sweater

Happy ugly sweater avoiding hunting!


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