Environmental Policy

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Cubic Promote's Environmental Policy is centred around sustainable practices, reflecting our commitment to environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility.

  1. Carbon Neutrality Commitment: We proudly uphold our Carbon Neutral Certification, symbolizing our dedication to addressing carbon emissions. Our operations are designed to minimize our carbon footprint, actively contributing to mitigating climate change impacts. We satisfy x3 scopes to attain the status of being a Carbon Neutral Company.
  2. Sustainable Operations and Practices: We employ energy-efficient methods across all levels of operation, from small steps such as switching off computers at the end of the day to motion-sensing lights and recycling for aluminium, plastic and paper. We believe every little effort counts.
  3. Clothing Mending, Cleaning, and Recycling Service: Recognizing the environmental impact of textile waste, we offer services to mend & clean or recycle corporate clothing. This initiative extends the life of garments and supports the circular economy, turning used clothing into valuable resources like home insulation.
  4. Supplier and Material Selection: We source from suppliers who align with our environmental values, focusing on sustainable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. We also conduct yearly reviews on our suppliers to ensure production methods and techniques are best practices and are verified by independent audited reports and certificates.
  5. Continuous Improvement and Compliance: We regularly review and update our environmental policies to ensure compliance with current regulations and best practices. We encourage feedback from our stakeholders to improve our environmental performance continuously

By adhering to these principles, Cubic Promote demonstrates a deep commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring our business operations contribute positively to the planet and our community.

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