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Buy caps personalised with your custom branding from industry leaders, Cubic Promote. We have a huge range of caps for you to choose from, including contemporary and classic style shapes made from a variety of fabric options. You can never go wrong with caps as they can be worn all year round and display your logo or slogan. Grab a bulk order of caps featuring your unique design today and kit out your recipients for promotional events, school fairs, team-building exercises and so much more.

Fast Headwear Decoration in Australia

Most caps you spot at tradeshow events or in retail shops feature embroidered decoration. This method involves using thousands of tightly woven stitches to create high quality, vibrant images. We match different coloured threads to give a close colour approximation to your existing branding. Using embroidery is the most economical and stylish method to personalise a cap, as the threads used are high quality & durable. Another feature of the embroidery method is that it can be used in various areas on a cap including front forehead, left-hand side, right-hand side or even at the back of the cap. Embroidery is the ideal decoration method for branding your unique logo onto promotional caps.

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Buckle Clasps or Stretch Fit Caps

The majority of caps utilise a buckle or Velcro at the back of the cap to adjust the cap's size to suit the wearer. Our adult caps are one size fits all, and the buckle allows for smaller adjustments to ensure the cap sits correctly with the recipient. This system is quite intuitive to use, and most people will have no problem using the buckle to make their cap fit perfectly. For premium caps though and for new modern styles of caps, a stretch fit system is available which essentially allows the entire cap to have a degree of elasticity to make it fit the wearer's head flawlessly. Our promotional caps are perfectly tailored to fit the heads of your recipients, which allows them to be worn in a manner to shield the sun on a daily basis.

Other Custom Branding Methods For Caps

Embroidery is by no means the only way to emblazon graphics and logos onto a cap (although it is the most popular method by far). Other methods are available which can add a point of difference to making your cap look fabulous. Here are some of the methods that are used to brand caps:

- Screen Printed Caps

An economical way to brand caps which is about the same price as embroidery. Aesthetically embroidery tends to result in a superior result when compared to screen prints, especially if your logo is quite complex or involves a variety of colours. Unless you would like the specific look of screen printing on your caps, we recommend embroidery for basic branding on these units.

- Peak Embossing

The peak of the cap (i.e. the part that sticks out) can be personalised for larger orders (typically over 250 pieces). It is a subtle effect which adds more of a luxurious feel to a cap as opposed to absolute clear big branding. It is a highly worthwhile upgrade to typical promotional caps, particularly if you're looking for a way to elevate your caps to a premium look/feel..

- 3D embroidery

Three-dimensional embroidery is just like regular embroidery but with an even higher stitch count and thicker results. In fact, there are so many stitches that the entire graphic begins to get raised from the surface of the fabric of the cap quite aggressively. The final branding effect is unlike any that you have ever seen - completely raised, absolutely eye-catching and 100% worth the investment.

- Rubber Badge

This branding method involves a soft moulded rubber badge which we design using your colour and image choice before sewing it directly onto the cap. The badges themselves can only accommodate large geometric shapes and text, however, and we do not recommend them for highly complex designs requiring a lot of detail. This is a great branding option when you're looking for an attractive, unique and affordable way to brand your caps. Rubber badges are best suited to branding either on the side or on the back of a cap.

- Sublimation Printing

For full-colour prints use sublimated printing. A sublimated print provides a vibrant almost glossy full-colour branding of your graphical images as a direct part of the cap's body. Sublimation printing is a perfect method for having your design all over the cap rather than restricted to one panel..

- 3D Rubber Sandwich on Peak

This type of branding goes onto the peak of a cap. This branding is subtle but unmistakable and can be visible from quite a distance. We sandwich the peak between various colour layers, and we can even layer coloured rubber into it too. 3D rubber sandwich peaks are a unique way to brand a cap although at the moment it is not a very well known branding method, in part due to the high cost of creating this effect.

- Woven Badges

This is similar to a rubber badge except that instead of being made from rubber, this badge is a full colour sublimated fabric that is we starch to ensure it is rigid. Woven badges provide a colourful, contemporary look for all age groups. Best of all, these badges are available in various sizes so you can opt for a small or large badge depending on your requirements..

Branding methods and options for promotional caps


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