Bandanas Visors & Straw Hats

Promotional Visors, Bandanas & Straw hats

Buy hats custom printed with your graphics and logos. We stock a diverse range of visors, bandanas and straw hats which are perfect for any outdoor events. Use personalized hats for your guests during occasions such as:

Sporting Events | Marketing Events | Fun Runs | Charity Events | As a Uniform | Team Building Events and more

Expertly Personalized & Decorated

We will deliver hats direct to your door, all around Australia complete with your graphics and images expertly printed onto the product. Utilising the latest techniques in embroidery, screen printing and digital printing we can faithfully recreate your logos and text on these promotional hats.

Samples & Customised Visual Mockups

To find out more about the headwear items in this category and to decide if the style may suit your corporate branding or graphics, ask us about having a free artwork mock-up drawn up for you. Simply email us your logo at and we can assist with creating a free mock up for you to view. Alternatively, you can request for a sample to be sent to you too. Samples charged at cost price plus freight.

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Recommendations for Branding Techniques

Different headwear styles, as well as variations in fabrics and materials will mean certain branding techniques are more effective at personalizing than others. Here is a list of branding methods we recommend that work best at personalizing your desired headwear:

  • Promotional Cardboard Visors: CMYK Digital Printing
  • Fabric Visors: Embroidery with thread works best (screen printing is possible but not recommended)
  • Straw Hats: We recommend screen printing or dye sublimation on the fabric band that goes on top of the straw hat.
  • Bandanas: We recommend screen printing for best effect to ensure a large surface print. Dye sublimation print also works well when you wish to brand a full colour photo finish result.

Printed Visors for Summer

Visors are a great alternative to caps. They are lighter and are a lot more flexible when tucking them away inside backpacks and bags. Price wise you get a wider range of options compared to caps which make them perfect to matching them up with your budget. Cardboard paper-visors are amazing value, whilst cotton made ones are high in quality.

Custom Bandanas & Straw Hats for All Year Round

Bandanas have resurged in the past few years. Many charities use bandanas as a symbol of hope. In other instances they are worn under caps to create a more youthful look or under cycling helmets to protect riders from wind chill. Bandanas will not look out of place when worn in winter or summer times.

Straw hats are a unique type of headwear. Visually straw hats are distinctive, classic and charming all at once. Charities and events where charm is essential, then there is no better option than personalised straw hats.

Caring For Your Headwear

  • Bandanas are easy to care for, simply pop them in the wash.
  • Paper Visors cannot be washed in liquids, simply wipe clean when dirty
  • Fabric bandanas can be cleaned with a moist soft cloth. For stains clean in cold soapy water.
  • Straw hats can be cleaned with a moist cloth. For stains on the hat band, these can be simply hand cleaned in cold soapy water.

For general care, we recommend to avoid using pegs or hangers which can pinch or stretch the headwear. Also avoid using washing machines at all costs, washing machines tend to be very rough with headwear.

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