On the odd occasion, I bump into accounts on Instagram that are amusingly awesome. The Instagram account by artist Chaz Hutton, is one such example. His Instagram account is filled with images of Sticky notes that feature customised with hand drawings, of everyday life. The results are utterly hilarious.

amusing sticky note designs 1

Customised Sticky Notes

As an artist, Chaz Hutton is exceptionally creative. I really love these sticky notes on a personal level, because this seems to be me on a daily basis. Yes, these are first world problems, and things that seem so very important to me at the time, seem so hilariously funny when drawn out on a sticky note. Check them out below. Let me know what you think of them.
These are genuinely next level type of personalised post its. Love them, Chaz! Keep up the great work.

chaz sticknotes

chaz stickynotes 1

chaz stickynotes 2

custom stickynotes june blog

funny sticky notes desings3
Adult life is genuinely a minefield of daily stress, and strange scenarios aren't it? These sticky notes really hit the mark in amusingly illustrating life.

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Images first seen on Instagram Page: