Crazy or Regular, What's Your Style?

As a marketing manager for the business I am working in (Cubic Promote, obviously), a particular question comes up from time to time. Do I use promotional products to run a conservative campaign and keep the status quo? or do I run a marketing campaign that is crazy that will attract a lot of attention. Crazy or not crazy?

crazy or regular, what's your promotional product style

The Case for Crazy Marketing Campaigns

A crazy marketing campaign means doing something dramatic and unexpected to create awareness. The attention that a crazy marketing promotional item gets means you get instant exposure. If it is bold enough, you get some excellent brand marketing through:

  • Social Media Sharing
  • Word of Mouth Sharing
  • Local Media Sharing

Combining a unique promo product with a well thought out marketing campaign is suitable for companies young and old.

The Case Against Crazy Marketing

It is possible to go overboard. I have seen many companies, including Australian businesses, pull stunts for seemingly no reason, but to attract attention. Those stunts are fantastic, and I will never knock those businesses, but those tend to have deep pockets and can afford such marketing endeavours. Some examples that come to mind include Elon Musk sending a Tesla car into space or promotional products with little practical use (but maximum amusement and enjoyment to be had). If you're a smaller business, these campaigns might not give you the best marketing bang for your dollar.

unique custom shirt branding

The Case For a Conservative Marketing Campaign

The biggest selling product in Cubic Promote is a blue journal notebook and a black promotional pen. Are you surprised? Possibly not. There is comfort in predictability & most businesses agree with me (based on their choice of promo item). You know that a safe marketing campaign will not offend anyone. You also understand that there will be at least a minimum amount of brand name engagement with your investment. 

The Case Against a Conservative Marketing Campaign

Your message might get lost, and your brand name may not be recognised. That's it!

Conservative Notebook Set Branding

What to do as a Marketer Using Products?

Think of 2 things.

How important is it to be memorable? Is it critical? Because if you are a new business, this is everything, right? But if your company has been around for a while, it may simply mean you need to "remind" your existing client.

The second question. How far is too far when it comes to doing something radically different? Each person will answer this differently, and you want to stay within your comfort zone as much as you can, but once you know your comfort zone, you want to take it as far as you possibly can when it comes to this question.  Anything less, and you risk a forgetful marketing campaign.

Figure these two questions out (or ask me by messaging Cubic Promote), and you can get a fair idea of what promotional items you should be shortlisting for your marketing campaign. I hope this little article helps you in how to approach deciding on marketing and what product to use.