When you have your 25th wedding anniversary the traditional gift item is silver, but what kind of items do you organise for the 25th anniversary of a video game system? It turns out the Sony PlayStation anniversary merchandise campaign has the answers for us as their line of retro-inspired gaming gear for release in November of 2019.

playstation anniversary swag 25th

Promotional PlayStation Swag for Gamers

Promotional PlayStation swag for gamers is an exciting way for companies to gain attention and increase their brand exposure. Swag such as t-shirts, hats, keychains and other items featuring PlayStation logos or related designs can be used in marketing campaigns to reach potential customers.


It can also be handed out during gaming events or tournaments as a bonus for competitors who come in first place. This type of promotional product is great because it adds more value than just being a cool item - it gives recipients a tangible reminder of your brand that they will take with them wherever they go; this kind of extended exposure cannot be matched by traditional advertising alone.


Additionally, it doesn't require extensive time commitment or costs: any company can order custom printed swag within budget fairly quickly so they don't have to worry about finding the right gift at short notice. All in all, promotional PlayStation swag is an excellent way to market your product among dedicated gamers while staying within budget constraints - plus showing off good taste!


It might be hard to believe, but 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of the first PlayStation console, original home to classic games like Final Fantasy VII, Tomb Raider, and Tekken 2. A lot of people grew up playing on the PlayStation consoles, so it doesn't come as a surprise that there's a range of promotional merchandise to suit young and old now that it has turned 25. Even if you're not keen on games, we're sure you'll be interested in the merchandise available for this promotion!

promotional playstation socks promotional playstation tee

Custom Branded Clothing and Accessories

Promotional t-shirts are your go-to for promotions like this, but interestingly PlayStation has also opted to release a variety of additional clothing and goodies including;

  • PlayStation Logo Socks
  • Playstation Embroidered Snapbacks
  • Deluxe Custom PlayStation Hoodies
  • Logo Decorated PlayStation Beanies
  • Custom Printed PlayStation Leggings
  • Ugly Christmas Sweaters featuring the PlayStation logo

promotional playstation pins  promotional playstation mugs

Similarly, with the range of accessories available for the anniversary, there are some standard items (like promotional keychains) along with some more creative ideas. These include;

  • Coasters featuring the PlayStation symbols
  • PS4 Mini Wireless Keyboards
  • ps4 Gaming Glasses
  • Ceramic PlayStation Logo Mugs
  • Deluxe PlayStation Notebooks
  • PlayStation Personalised Enamel Pins

promotional playstation keyrings promotional playstation xmas sweaters

What Makes This Campaign Stand Out?

If you're looking for inspiration for your own marketing merchandise campaign or organisation anniversary, take note of the following elements from the PlayStation campaign;

  • Consistent brand colours and logos across all products
  • Functional items audience will likely use regularly
  • Several fun and unique items that make good seasonal presents
  • Products available to suit all price ranges

Keep these points in mind, and your next campaign is off to a great start. If you need a hand with planning your marketing merchandise, be sure to give the Cubic Promote team a call.


Details first spotted here: https://us.geekstore.com/collections/playstation