When you think of casual backpacks you probably don't think of fashion powerhouse Saint Laurent, or Google for that matter -- let alone the two of them together. It turns out that the two companies have collaborated on an interesting (and pricey!) custom backpack that's available to wealthy fans of portable technology and co-branding the world over.

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Smart Bags With Luxury Branding

These days backpacks aren't often just backpacks anymore, they're smart bags that allow you to charge devices and touch-access your devices while on the move. A lot of the promotional laptop backpacks that Cubic Promote sells now include similar features. However, what sets the Cit-e bag apart from others is the sheer collaborative brand power involved in making it happen.

Google's Jacquard™ technology is powered by a small computer in one of the bag straps. This Jacquard™ device helps power the notification system as well as the gesture management system that allows you to tap and wave at the strap to get it to take action on your smart device (such as a phone or laptop).

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Subtle, Effective Fashion Logos

While the technology itself is impressive, what makes this collaboration so successful is that it combines cutting-edge wearable tech with true high fashion. The Cit-e backpacks are covered in the typical logo branding you'd expect of Saint Laurent $1000+ bags. The most prominent logo is found on the bag's front pocket, but there's also a smaller one on the digital attachment area of the bags as well.

Like any premium handbags or backpacks, it is the simplicity and subtlety of the logos and their placing that make them feel truly luxurious. After all, there's no point aiming for the luxury market if you're not going to provide the type of product such a market expects. The Cit-e bag delivers this in spades with its high-end look.

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Finding a Suitable Backpack for Your Brand

Finding the right backpack for your brand can be a tricky process. With so many different styles, materials, and features to choose from, it’s hard to know what will work best for you and your recipients. To make things easier, here are some tips on finding a suitable branded backpack that will stand out from the crowd!

  • Consider Durability – It's important to look for backpacks made with high-quality materials that will withstand regular use. Look for options such as reinforced stitching or tough fabrics like polyester or nylon that won't tear easily.
  • Digital Connection Options – If you want your recipients to be able to stay connected on the go, then opt for backpacks with digital connection options like charging ports or Bluetooth capabilities built in.
  • Branding Placement – Make sure your branding is clear and visible by choosing bags with logo placement areas such as front pockets or straps where they can easily be seen but not overpower the designs of the bag itself.
  • Style & Color – Choose colors and styles that reflect both your brand image and target audience preferences to ensure the maximum appeal of the product itself as well as its promotional value when worn out in public by your customers.


At Cubic Promote, we offer a range of different laptop backpacks that provide all the features and design qualities mentioned above. Whether it’s for professional use or just to make a statement, our branded backpacks are sure to stand out! So take a look at what we have on offer today and find the perfect backpack for your brand.


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