If you work with a charitable organisation you know how tough it can be to find affordable items to use in your marketing merchandise campaigns. Often cheaper products just don't look the part and you want to promote your org using high-quality items just like any other brand. That's why on today's blog the Cubic Promote team are recommending awareness-rising promotional products ideal for Aussie charities.


  1. Choose cost-effective promotional items for charities.
  2. Ensure the relevancy of each item.
  3. Contact Cubic Promote for expert assistance.


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Important Factors for Community Organisations

The Cubic Promote team has decades of experience dealing with Australian community groups and registered charities, so we understand some of the elements that need to be kept in mind when ordering bulk merchandise for a worthy cause. These include:

  • Affordability -- Cost is a major factory for volunteer groups and charitable orgs everywhere so promotional gifts or awareness items need to be cost-effective.
  • Relevance -- Merchandise must reflect your cause or event and be appropriate for the intended consumer base.
  • Able to Be Branded -- The products you choose must offer customisation that suits your needs. If your logo is full of gorgeous rainbow colours then you need an item that can show your colours off in all their glory. Similarly, if your message has a lot of relevant text, the branding area on the product must be large enough that the message remains readable.
  • Meets Ethical Requirements -- Perhaps it is important to your organisation that products are made locally, or from recycled material, etc. Ask your supplier for their advice regarding ethical options for promotional gifts, there are lots of great ideas available!
  • Timeframe -- Keep in mind when your event is and how much time it will take to produce your items. If you have an urgent event there are express promo products available, but otherwise, you should leave around 2 weeks to receive your goodies via courier.

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Promotional Gift Ideas for Charities

So now you've got the basics down, what kind of products work well for those in fund-raising? Here are some of our best-selling gift ideas for Australian charities.

  • Promotional Awareness Ribbons: Tiny, yet powerful, promotional awareness ribbons have made their way into all kinds of charity events. They are a great way to increase awareness of a specific cause and demonstrate the importance of supporting a charity. These ribbons can be imprinted with your charity's name and mission – making it one of the easiest and most powerful marketing tools for fundraisers.
  • Pocket-Sized Hand Sanitisers: In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, personal hygiene has become more important than ever. Pocket-sized hand sanitisers are practical and relevant promo products that promote the importance of cleanliness while keeping your supporters healthy. Branded with your charity's details, it serves as a handy reminder of your charity far beyond the event date.
  • Reusable Coffee Cups Branded: Perfect for coffee and tea lovers, branded reusable coffee cups offer an eco-friendly option that your attendees can reuse long after the event has ended. They provide an excellent way to reduce waste and carbon footprint and come in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours that suit your charity's needs.
  • Personalised Lapel Pins: These pins serve as a proclamation of support and a beautiful way to showcase one's values and beliefs. Personalised lapel pins allow you to showcase your charity's mission with different graphic designs that are perfect for fundraising events, auctions and galas. They also add a personal touch to any outfit, perfect for supporters that are committed to your cause.
  • Full-Colour Custom Badges: Whether you are commemorating a charity event or identifying volunteers, full-colour custom badges are an effective way to connect with your supporters. These badges come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a badge that not only effectively communicates your charity's message but also tailored to the type of event you are hosting.
  • Promotional Cotton T-Shirts: Unisex and practical, basic cotton t-shirts can be a great way to generate engagement and raise awareness for your charity. Dressing everyone in the same t-shirts at your charity events will show unity, but also make it easy for your volunteers to identify one another. It also provides an opportunity to endorse your charity, considering that t-shirts can be customised and printed with your charity's logo and other relevant information.

Final Thoughts

Speak with the Cubic Promote team about your campaign goals, your preferred products, and just how quickly you need your merchandise. Our friendly sales managers will organise information on pricing, branding, and delivery within 1 business hour. So if you're a local charity what are you waiting for? Take advantage of marketing merchandise to bring awareness of your cause to new heights!