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Shopping bags are the type of item most of us have in our kitchens, cars, and store rooms. The shopping bags we tend to take with us when we go and buy our groceries are the ones that we like the look of, the ones that boast unique designs and messages we want to show to others. That's why businesses and events choose to use promotional shopping bags to boost their visibility with visitors, customers, and staff alike.


  1. Boost visibility with custom shopping bags.
  2. Eco-friendly bags enhance brand image.
  3. Contact Cubic Promote for custom bags.


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Logo Branded Bags for Promotions

Shopping bags with custom logo printing on them remain best-sellers here at Cubic Promote no matter the season. That's because promotional bags of all descriptions meet the important everyday needs of individuals to cart items between one place and another (say, between work and home or ome and school). Giving someone a promotional gift that is great for everyday use is a fantastic way to align your brand or event with the positivity that comes from having a bag on hand to carry groceries when you're under pressure at the checkout. For an event or brand, custom bags provide the following:


  • Cheap merchandise that can be ordered at a low price for bulk quantities.
  • The chance to advertise to a broad audience the custom designs printed on the bags will be viewed by the general public whenever they are in use.
  • A functional product that recipients are likely to utilise on a regular basis.
  • A reusable item that isn't wasteful or likely to be thrown away for quite sometime.
  • A product that can be used immediately upon being received (particularly great for shops or trade shows).


All of these factors make custom shopping bags, whether they're calico cotton bags or non-woven promotional bags, a popular choice for advertising in Australia. What's more, local suppliers like Cubic Promote stock a large range of bag styles right here in Oz to cater to fast turnaround times. Heck, we even have locally stocked eco-friendly shopping bag options ready for speedy branding & delivery. All we need is your logo and we can add vibrant, eye-catching decoration to shopping bags within a couple of days -- inclusive of delivery!

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Eco-Friendly Bags Boost Brand Image

In this day and age, businesses must consider their environmental impact seriously. Custom eco-friendly bags are a great way to show customers that your business cares about the planet. Here are five advantages of using eco-friendly shopping bags for your consumers:

  • By using eco-friendly bags, you portray your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which strengthens your brand image.
  • Eco-friendly bags offer businesses a chance to offset carbon emissions by supporting carbon offset programs. This is a great way to enhance your brand image further.
  • Aesthetic appeal is also a key feature of eco-friendly bags as they can be made in different sizes, shapes, and colours. This allows for unique branding opportunities that will give your brand a unique touch.
  • Eco-friendly bags are versatile and multi-functional, serving not only as a grocery bag but as a carrier to transport various other items.

It's a fantastic way to showcase your brand's stance on matters of the environment, which is very attractive to customers. With eco-friendly bags, you encourage customers to join your brand's mission and take small steps towards promoting sustainability.


So there you have it! Custom shopping bags are a great choice for businesses and events looking to increase their visibility. They offer a practical and functional product that can be used daily and have a broad advertising reach. Plus, using eco-friendly bags shows your commitment to the environment and boosts your brand image. Don't miss out on this timeless promotional gift that will never go out of fashion!


If you're keen to use custom shopping bags to advertise your conference, expo, school, market, shop, or giveaway then be sure to give the Cubic Promote team a call. Our experienced staff can help guide you to the right shopping bag to suit your promotion and assist you with branding graphics. We even offer samples if you're looking to be sure of fabric and dimensions before placing a full order. So what are you waiting for? Capitalise on a type of promo gift that will never go out of fashion and order custom branded bags for your organisation or event.