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Never pay full price again for your folders and binders for your business. We stock a complete range of folders, portfolios, binders and document holders that are custom branded with your logo. Buy them in bulk and pay low wholesale prices. You don't need to buy them from retail shops when you can access a big range and have them delivered directly to your door to save you time. Our couriers deliver all around Australia.

Why Buy Custom Printed Folders?

A custom printed folder adds a wonderful aesthetic touch to your brand name and your organisation. You will look much more professional when using these folders especially when your clients see an expertly printed logo of your business. It tells them of the amount of detail you place on the little things and will leave your recipients with a favourable impression of your organisation. The fact that you purchase your folders bulk branded for a low price is simply a bonus! Prices exclude GST. Check out our Buying Guide Custom Branded Folders

Places we Have Supplied Personalised Folders

Having a combined experience of decades in the branding industry in Australia means we have worked with a lot of organisations and events in supplying them with expertly branded personalised folders. Places we have worked with include:

Primary & High Schools | Colleges | Universities | Legal firms | Accounting Firms | Banks | Consulting companies | Real Estate Agencies | Small Business | Medium Sized Businesses | Charities and more!

Events we have supplied folders to include:

Conferences | Exhibitions | Tradeshows | For clients upon signing up for a product or service.

As you can see folders can be quite a versatile item that goes beyond mere stationery. They can be powerful marketing tools to directly and indirectly expose your brand name to new and potential customers.

Match Your Folder With Stationery

Like bread and butter, folders go perfectly with stationery. Complete your corporate branding image with a set of stationery that pairs up perfectly with products like flash memory drives, pens, rulers, post it notes and other types of stationery products. You can match your branding colours or simply create a range of merchandise that are within the same aesthetic style to create a truly unique and attractive corporate image.

Buy Folders and Stationery in Bulk

The best part is that if you combine merchandise and buy them in bulk, you will save money at the same time.

Tips on Choosing the Best Folder

There are many different types of folders available in our range. These tips below may assist you in helping you to decide the best folder for you.

Binders: Best for durability and storing large volumes of paper documents. Binders are great to have handy around the office. They are not as good of an idea when used in marketing to present products or services due to their bulk. For long term use, they are a durable option. Students tend to prefer binders too.

Manila Folders: Best for cleaning up desktop clutter and perfect for holding smaller volumes of paper sheets. They are great for holding material to market products and services. Manila folders are low in cost, light in weight and are great for sales team members that need to leave behind material for clients. These come in either paper or plastic options. The Manila folders made from paper allow you to have full-colour prints. Manila folders made from plastic are best with single coloured spot prints as full-colour printing on plastic can get quite expensive.

Pad Folio: Best for personal use. These types of folders are typically not shared and rarely simply left with customers. Many options come with a faux or real leather finish; however, options produced from plastic are becoming popular as they look a little bit more modern.


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