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Personalised Gifts for the Desktop | Corporate Promotional Gifts

Needing inspiration for gifting ideas? Check out our range of personalised gifts that are perfect for sitting on top of your desk. These products will look great in either your home or workplace. Use them as corporate gifts and your guest will surely appreciate them. To ensure your branding is memorable, we will brand your logo directly on the product. Hand these out as gifts, or re-sell them for a profit for your charity.

Buy These Gifts with your Logo Emblazoned on Them

Branded Products that are Visible

Items that go onto your recipients desktop are a perfect type of promotional item. Your receiver gets to receive a gift and a product to use throughout the day, the product itself sits nicely on the top of a desk which makes them visible to their colleagues, friends and family members. If you needed your branding to have positive exposure, then this is the category of products for you. Check out our: Buying Guide Desktop Items

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Ideas on Selecting the Best Corporate Gift

To make the most out of your corporate gift we would want to maximise your budget so that you get the most amount of quantity of product at the very best quality. This helps in making the product kept and used for a longer period of time. There are 3 major factors which will mean the difference between the products being kept and used, or just merely discarded.

Desktop Item Must Be Useful

More than any other type of product a desk top item must serve a specific purpose. If they are not useful they simply will not be used, and your investment on the branded product will go to waste. The function of the product may be practical such as a promotional pen caddy or it can be sentimental like a well branded photo frame. Either way you need to give a reason for your guest to keep and use the product.

Be High in Quality (or relatively high)

A high quality product always appeal and can normally be determined by holding and looking at the product. Some characteristics that people will notice (sometimes even without them knowing) include:
- Metal Finished Surfaces need to be smooth and free from imperfections which will indicate a higher quality of metal
- Plastics need to have a minimum amount of flexibility and feel solid Clear surfaces need to be as clear as possible.
- The colour of the product needs to be consistent and vibrant

Must Look Good & Be Ergonomic

Typically a desktop at home or at the office is a premium space where most people prefer as less clutter as possible. If something is on top of a desk then it must look good. Choose a product that is useful and high in quality but not that pleasing to look at would result in a product that will not be used.

So consider these points when considering a promotional executive gift. It will hopefully help you narrow down to a product that will be perfect with your brand name custom branded onto it.

Print Or Engrave Your Logo - Which Option is best?

Typically products that are made from plastic are options that can be pad or screen printed with your logo. For products that are made from metal you have both the option of engraving your logo or printing as a method to emblazon your brand. In many instances we recommend engraving for durability, however in the instance of desktop items which typically will not go through as much day to day damage as other products (for example like metal pens and key rings) then printing is normally a better option. A printed gift item allows you to have your branding done on a larger area and gives you the option to print your branding in colour too.

In other instances if there was a particular aesthetic look that you were trying to achieve which can only be done with engraving, then we can definitely engrave your table top gift for you.

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