Promotional Body Care

Therapeutic & Promotional Body Care Products

Buy products and accessories for personal body care that are customised with your logo and prints. We have a huge assortment of products for men, women and children that are a delight to use but will enhance your recipients day to day well being and healthcare.

Branded Therapy Products Perfect for Oz

In Australia the season fluctuations between months, weeks and even days can be dramatic. As beautiful as these changes make to our towns and cities, it tends to wreak havoc on our skin and on our personal bodies. Using promotional items slightly different that you will see in this range makes for a very welcome and interesting change. If you fancy a different unexpected item for your event then these Body Care and Therapy products may just be the perfect ticket.

Custom Lifestyle Products to Enhance Your Health

Products in this category are intended to complement and enhance the well-being of your guests. These products can be used all year round and are sold in bulk. Unfortunately we cannot offer them as individual retail items for you. As an alternative to regular branded merchandise these are certainly a great option.

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Retail Quality Products for Hair Skin Nails & Teeth

When it comes to using toothpaste, lotions, bath salts and other assortment of products within this category we realised long ago that individuals prefer to use a higher quality and a higher grade of products. After all we are physically using the products onto our own bodies. The quality must therefore be higher and the level of safety also needs to be much higher than normal. This is why you should know that all our therapeutic products are manufactured with a high degree of care are essentially the same quality as you would expect to find if you were to purchase the same item within a retail shop.

Safe & Luxurious to Use - APPA Guidelines

Promotional therapy products which you use for your teeth, nails, skin and hair means that you need a higher level of assurance than say physical non consumed product like a mouse pad for you to have the confidence to know that they are safe to use for yourself and for your recipient. Cubic Promote is a long time member of APPA. We have a strict code of conduct to only engage with vendors that have a process of production that ensures your product is safe to use and complies with all laws and health standards in Australia. Specifically in guidelines 1.8 and 1.9 Cubic Promote will in summary provide you with products that are:

(safe) 1.8 Product Safety - Comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding safety of products sold and will meet applicable recognised voluntary industry standards for products and processes

(high in quality) 1.9 Quality of Product and Services Provided - Goods and services by members will be of an acceptable standard taking into consideration the price. All necessary quality controls will be ensured and compliance with all commercial consumer laws taken into account.

We hold ourselves accountable to ensure that you have the confidence that you can distribute these products to be used safely by your guest.

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