Promotional Sunglasses Branded

A huge range of sunglasses custom branded with your logo or graphic of choice. Choose from a huge range of men's, women's and children's sunglasses. With classic styles and contemporary modern options to choose from, you can be assured that you will find the style that you like that is perfect for your business, organisation or event.

Branded Sunglasses on the Arm

Your sunglasses are personalized with your branding on either 1 or both arms. We can personalize them in spot colour prints for small orders. For larger orders you can even have your branding personalized by individual lettering or even full colour prints. The branding area normally measures 3cm - 7cm long depending on the style. Although this may not seem extremely large for your branding, on a personal item such as a pair of sunglasses these are extremely visible to passer bys and people around you.

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Polarized and Non Polarized Sunglasses

We have both sunglasses that are polarized for full protection against the sun as well as non polarized versions. The non polarized versions will offer you sun protection at a low cost and thus make them suitable as a mass hand out customised item. The polarized lens versions make the sunglass great as corporate gifts and when used in situations like driving or when you need full protection they are the best option to go with. Polarized lenses mean that the glare caused by light reflections from a flat surface is minimized more than the non polarized options. A fuller spectrum of UV rays is also reduced when using polarized lens. All in all they are a superior option but unfortunately they also tend to be more expensive.

Sunglasses for Music Festivals & Corporate Gifts

A great idea on where to use sunglasses as part of your marketing mix is for either your own team members, as corporate gifts for clients or for outdoor events like music festivals. The great thing about branded sunglasses when used in marketing is that the Australian sun is essentially bright and the amount of harmful UV rays is with us all year round. A gift product like sunglasses make for an all year round versatile custom branded gift.

Printed Sunnies for Children & Students

A popular option for using personalised sunnies is as a gift for children, high school, college students and university students. For these instances we recommend frames that are made from plastic as they are more durable and less prone to scratching compared to metal framed sunnies. Choose styles that will appeal to kids more such as classic Wayfairer styles and keep in mind the sunnies will be used casually as opposed to wrap around lenses which will tend to have more intense use by older adults.


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