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Promotional Audio Speakers

Buy audio speakers custom printed with your graphics or logo. Audio speakers make high-value promotional items aimed at the music and entertainment industry. Cubic Promote stocks a large array of Bluetooth and wired audio speakers manufactured to the latest standards, so you can be confident in their quality.

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Branding Methods

  • Pad Printing: This method involves transferring ink from a plate to the speaker's surface using a silicone pad.
  • Digital Printing: A process that prints directly onto the speaker, allowing for vibrant full-colour images and complex graphics. 

What are Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth speakers are portable audio devices that wirelessly connect to smartphones, tablets, or computers using Bluetooth technology, allowing for music and audio playback without the need for physical cables.

Who Do We Recommend This For?

Promotional Bluetooth speakers are ideal for:

  • Companies in the technology and electronics sector promoting new products or services.
  • Businesses looking to offer modern and useful corporate gifts to clients and employees.
  • Educational institutions and organisations aiming to enhance their multimedia learning environments.
  • Event organisers creating branded experiences at conferences, trade shows, or festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the branding withstand regular use?

Yes, both pad printing and digital printing provide durable branding that can withstand regular use and handling without significant wear.

Are there size limitations for branding on speakers?

The size of the branding usually depends on the speaker's design and the chosen printing method. Pad printing is suitable for smaller, precise designs, while digital printing can cover larger areas.

Can you print full-colour images on speakers?

Yes, with digital printing, we can apply detailed, full-colour images directly onto the speakers, ideal for complex logos or photographic images.

Is there a minimum order quantity for branded audio speakers?

Typically, there is a minimum order quantity, which varies depending on the speaker model and branding requirements.

What is the lead time for ordering custom speakers?

Standard delivery is 2 weeks. But if you want to expedite your order, you can speak to one of our sales agents.

Images for digital printing on wireless speakers.

Black Wireless Speaker  Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Speaker 1

Image for pad printing on silicone speaker.

Black Silicone Mobile Speaker

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