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Promotional Bandanas

Promotional custom printed bandanas are popular pieces of headwear ideal for boosting the visibility of your gym, outdoor event, school, or business, available with full color printing to dissplay your business. We offer a large assortment of bandanas that come customised to suit your team or business colours or uniforms in both lightweight and heavy duty materials. Whether you're keen to rock your bandana Rosie The Riveter or want to promote National Bandanna Day, Cubic Promote can make these fun wearable gifts to suit your ne

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We Screen Print & Sublimation Print Custom Bandanas

Promotional bandanas from Cubic Promote are available with your decoration in 1-3 solid colours via screen print or in full photographic colour using sublimation print, to give a color print to catch customers from a mile away. The main difference between these quality decoration methods is the number of colours we can print and the corresponding cost (slightly higher for sublimation). However, no matter what technique we use for printing your logo, the results on your custom printed bandanas will be vibrant and professional, ideal for getting your graphics noticed.

Bandanas are a Unique Custom Bandana Gift

Custom bandana promotional products are a great way to help your staff, clients, sports team, students, or target audience stand out from the crowd. Bandanas wrap around the head will help keep hair out of your eyes along with helping to wick moisture from your head—athletes and gym-goers alike appreciate bandanas as gifts for this exact reason. Promotional custom printed bandana designs are also an excellent gift for those with an illness or who want to support someone with an illness that can lead to hair loss, such as alopecia and cancer. Use them in charitable promotions or as additions to your employee uniforms; your custom bandanas will fit almost any occasion.

Who Uses Custom Printed Bandanas?

Promotional bandanas are surprisingly versatile products that individuals can wear in a variety of ways, including:

  • Around the head, this is a way to protect the scalp from the sun and help absorb sweat, with various bandana size options to choose from.

  • Around the hair, this is a method for keeping hair tied back in place of a hairband or scrunchie, made from a soft cotton cloth to ensure the custom bandana stays in place all day.

  • Around the neck, this is to prevent sunburn on the neck, quite common in those working outdoors (farmers, tradies).

  • Around the mouth and nose, this is may be to shield the wearer from any dust in the air, perfect to give out as gifts for customers and brand awareness.

Bandanas themselves are custom cut fabric sheets that we brand with your preferred design, so the wearer can adapt them into all sorts of styles. They may be called a neckerchief, handkerchief, Oramal, or headscarf. If you're like to add even more value to your bandannas, grab some promotional pins and badges that your recipients can add to the head wraps for an enhanced look.

How to Care for the Branding on your Custom Bandana

As with all products customised with logo decoration, Custom Bandanas will withstand significant everyday wear and tear, even with double sided printing. However, in order to keep your bandanna or neckerchief looking better for longer we also recommend that you do the following to protect your custom bandanas.

  • Do not machine wash custom bandanas. While some people swear by washing them in a delicates laundry bag, overall, we recommend that you hand wash your bandanas to maintain print and screen printing integrity. You can do this with water in a sink or, if the bandana is particularly sweaty, with a light fabric detergent or stain remover in the water as well to maintain your bandana prints.

  • Extended print exposure to direct sunlight will fade the print over time. Unfortunately, this owes to the power of the sun's rays. The life of a standard bandana in the Australian sun can be measured in years, though, so it isn't a significant concern. Just don't wear it every day in the blazing sun if possible. Instead, we suggest a rotation of different bandannas featuring your logo that you can alternate each day, thereby keeping sun exposure lower for each product.

Image for full-colour sublimation printing on bandana.


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