It is a rainy Autumn month coming up. You love the rain, however this month is special as you have some amazing calendar dates and events lined up. Firstly you have that hot date in a week's time, on top of that you have that delightful cocktail evening party to attend at one of the best locations in town. To top it off you also have a job interview where you really need to dress to impress.

With all these important events to attend you know that you have to look your best. However have you considered that despite your best sartorial efforts, that your dreary little umbrella might be letting you and your outfit down? All umbrellas are not created equal. Some are more practical than others whilst others simply ooze style! They all work and achieve the same result (ie obviously keeping you dry), however some of the little details really make certain umbrellas stand out more than others.

Well we have taken the 4 best looking umbrellas available to-date and here are a run down of them for both guys and girls.

The 4 Top Umbrellas For Style

The Blunt Umbrella

Blunt 2014 umbrella colourful blunt umbrellas 2014

under view blunt 2014

As the name implies, the blunt Umbrellas are immediately distinguished from ordinary run of the mill umbrellas by their rounded edge corners. The designer (A Kiwi living in England) came up with the concept after being frustrated at being poked in the eye by exposed umbrella ends. The result is a spectacular umbrella which comes available in an astonishingly array or attractive colours that will brighten up any dull day.

The Senz Umbrella

Are you a modern hipster? Then nothing will declare your style more than these. What is one of the most common gripes of an umbrella? It could be that your backside always gets wet because your umbrella is held at the front and not at the back. Well this umbrella solves that problem and in the process the shape created is truly unique. You are guaranteed to turn heads and people will look on with envy if you carry these around.

senz umbrellas 2014

2 Tone 16 Ribbed Umbrella

These umbrellas are utterly attractive because of the two tone colour and its ever so classic wooden hook. You simply cannot go wrong in making a strong modern style statement with a look like this. Add this and the fact that it has 16 ribs internally (normally there are 8) and you have an umbrella that is one of the best quality ones in its class.

two tone umbrellas 2014

Mini Fold Up Umbrellas

There are instances where a mini fold up umbrella is far superior to normal sized ones. This is where this particular one is rather stylish. Design wise if you think along the lines of a sleek Audi TT sports car with smooth metallic surfaces is your idea of cool then this umbrella will definitely hit the mark.

These umbrellas will match your style with whatever you are wearing. In a sea of umbrellas that all look decidedly the same and in many instances a bit shabby, using one of these will set you apart from the pack. The details on each of these umbrellas will not disapoint and you can carry these with confidence in any occasion.

silver pocket umbrellas 2014