This coming Saturday on the 1st of December is the national Eat a Red Apple Day in America. Although this is not a day that is honoured in Australia, I think we can all agree that eating an Apple is just about the most deliciously healthy thing that we can do for ourselves. I don't know about my fellow Aussies, but I for one will definitely be observing this particular day. Why don't you also join me and celebrate the humble apple, with an Apple Shaped Stressball.

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Anytime is a Good Time for Healthy Eating

Virtually everyone I have ever met would probably agree that they can eat a little bit healthier. Align healthy eating with your corporate and organisation values for both staff and customers makes perfect sense. Your organisation will benefit from:

  • The social benefit that comes with having more healthy Aussies
  • An alignment of positive associations with your organisation
  • Branding and awareness for your organisation.

Merchandising A Great Way to Start

Starting a healthy awareness marketing campaign for your organisation is easy if you incorporate merchandising into the mix. We have a range of products that are perfect when used to promote healthy eating, such as:

How To Celebrate Eat a Red Apple Day?

An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away, so I plan to try my best to eat an apple each day. So how to celebrate this American tradition this Saturday? Just eat an apple this Saturday, whether you're in Australia or America, it matters not in my opinion. After you eat your apple, do post it on Social Media to spread the good word!

Apple Trivia:

- Did you know that Apple Shaped Stressballs are our 3rd most popular stress ball shape? (first is regular round ones, followed by light bulb shaped ones)

- There are over 7000 varieties of apples around the world

- Why does an apple Float on water? That is because 25% of it is air.

- Apples have 0% fat.