One of the irreplaceable tools most of us have at home and in the office is the humble logo branded microfibre cloth. These handy products are the perfect way to clean dust and dirt off electronics and other sensitive surfaces, but have you ever wondered how they manage to make this happen? Today on the Cubic Promote blog we're learning about how micro-fibre cloths work!


  1. Custom printing promotes your brand.
  2. Microfibre cloths are more effective.
  3. Practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.


How Do Microfibre Cloths Work?

Fine Cloths do a Fine Job

What makes microfibre cloths so special is the material they're made from. Microfibre is synthetic, which means it is wholly manufactured, not occurring in nature nor made from animal materials. Most microfibers are made from polyesters and polyamides, but there are other blends around.


The goal with these cloths is to make each strand as thin as possible, allowing these strands to pick up tiny pieces of debris that we often can't see with the naked eye. That makes these custom cleaning cloths pretty powerful indeed!


Not only does it mean you pick up more dirt each time you wipe down your electronics, but it also means you save time and energy as cleaning doesn't take as long as using regular cloths nor does it require as much physical power to get the same results!

branded cleaning cloth in use

Decorated With Your Custom Designs

Another great thing about microfibre cloths is that the polyester material ensures they're easy for us to decorate using full-colour sublimation printing. Sublimation allows us to add beautiful photographic images or elaborate graphic designs to promotional lens cleaners of all sizes, making them a great choice for an affordable, lightweight piece of marketing merchandise.


To keep your microfibre cloths cleaning at their best, be sure to give them a wash in warm water with some mild liquid detergent when they start to look a bit dirty. Giving them a quick spin in the dryer will return them to their original fluffy feel, but be sure to monitor how long they dry for as microfibre dries fast.

Custom Microfibre Cloth Benefits

Custom printing on microfibre cloths presents an opportunity for businesses to promote their brand while providing customers with practical, high-quality merchandise. Here are several ways custom printing adds value to microfibre cloths:

  • Adds personality to a functional item: Full-colour sublimation printing allows businesses to add colourful graphics and designs that make cleaning cloths more attractive.
  • Increases brand awareness: Custom printing turns every microfibre cloth into a mobile marketing tool ensuring customers are reminded of the brand every time they use it.
  • Cost-effective: Microfibre cloths make a cost-effective alternative for businesses looking to create promotional products without breaking the bank.
  • Long-lasting: Customised microfibre cloths have a longer life span, compared to printed items like brochures or flyers, which can get damaged or thrown away quickly.

Microfibre Cloth vs. Traditional Cleaning Cloth

What makes microfibre cloth more effective for cleaning compared to traditional cleaning cloth? Here are some main differences between the two:

  • Absorption: Promotional microfibre cloths can trap a high volume of dust and water compared to traditional cotton cloths.
  • Dirt pick-up: Microfibre cloths' small fibres can penetrate surfaces and lift up dirt and debris much more effectively compared to traditional cleaning cloths, which push dirt around.
  • Durability: Microfibre cloths have a longer lifespan, and their synthetic material makes them resistant to damage and tearing. In contrast, cotton cloths wear and shrink after consistent washing.
  • Eco-friendly: Cotton cloths are biodegradable, but microfibre cloths last longer, requiring fewer replacements, and produce less waste in the long term.


Microfibre cloths' fine strands and synthetic materials make them highly effective in cleaning delicate and sensitive surfaces. Its customisable features make it a practical and cost-effective marketing tool for businesses looking to promote their brand. Companies can customise their cleaning cloths with full-coloured sublimation printing and enjoy the benefits of increased brand awareness and long-lasting merchandise. Microfibre cloths provide an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning cloths, with superior dirt pick-up, higher absorption rates, and less environmental impact.


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