We all know that first impressions count and promotional products have been boosting first impressions for decades. Who doesn't like receiving a thoughtful gift without prompting? One way to win the hearts of new team additions or first-time customers is to provide them with a welcome pack when they engage with you. These packs can be tailored to meet your needs and they help newcomers immediately feel like they're part of something special. Sound interesting? Learn more below!


  1. Impress newcomers with welcome packs.
  2. Gifts create positive brand impressions.
  3. Personalisation and exclusivity foster loyalty.


google fiat branded welcome packs

Google & Fiat Use Branded Welcome Gifts

We noticed recently that the Google x Fiat 'Hey Google' car collaboration (which involves Fiat 500s being produced with special Google upholstery and external decoration) had opted to include promotional welcome packs to those ordering these collectible new vehicles. These logo-branded goodie bags include a Google Hub and matching custom key cover in a stylish custom calico bag. While this pack isn't huge, it really is the thought that counts and a lot of brand fans online have responded positively to this little extra gift pack to help purchasers feel truly valued.

welcome bag with your logo

Why Welcome Promo Packs Work

Here at Cubic Promote, we've been producing build your own corporate gift boxes and gift bags for many years and trust us when we say that even something as small as a promotional keyring can lift a person's mood and boost brand first impressions considerably. We've all heard it's "the thought that counts" when it comes to gifts and when we're talking promotions, often this is true. The very fact that a business takes the time to recognise, welcome, or thank a person through a custom gift can make all the difference when we're talking about making impressions (particularly first ones). Google and Fiat know this, your local plumber that sends you a magnet knows this, even supermarkets that give you a free tote bag know this.

So why aren't you already taking advantage ofpromotional welcome packs in your own marketing spend to help improve your brand image and really give consumers & staff something to talk about? The good news is that there's lots of available welcome packs in the Cubic Promote range that you don't have to put together yourself -- all you need to do is send us your logo and we'll get things branded & packaged together!


Promotional gift packs nowadays are used by virtually every medium to large business in Australia to achieve a variety of objectives. Some of the most common uses for using promotional welcome packs include:
1) to motivate and remind staff (especially when they are working by themselves at home)
2) thank clients for a purchase
3) motivate a client to make a purchase
4) just to be an all-around nice business that cares for people :)

The Psychology Behind Welcome Packs

The act of receiving a gift triggers positive emotions in the recipient, creating a sense of gratitude and appreciation. Here's a closer look at why welcome packs work and their impact on brand impressions:

  • Reciprocity: When someone receives a gift, they naturally feel compelled to reciprocate the gesture. By offering a welcome pack, you instill a sense of goodwill in the recipient, encouraging them to engage further with your brand.
  • Brand Association: Welcome packs serve as brand ambassadors, reinforcing your company's identity and values. Each item in the pack acts as a tangible reminder of your brand, ensuring that recipients associate positive feelings with your business.
  • Personalisation: Tailoring welcome packs to individual recipients makes them feel valued and acknowledged. By incorporating personalized touches, such as including their name or interests, you create a deeper connection and foster customer loyalty.
  • Exclusivity: Exclusive welcome packs, like the Google x Fiat collaboration mentioned earlier, create a sense of exclusivity and excitement among recipients. This enhances brand perception and encourages recipients to share their positive experiences with others.


So there you have it mate, the power of promotional welcome packs! Whether you're a big Aussie business or a small local plumber, these packs can work wonders in making a great first impression on your new team members or customers. The psychology behind it all is fascinating – by giving a thoughtful gift, you trigger positive emotions and create a sense of gratitude and loyalty. So why not give it a go and start impressing people with your own branded welcome packs? It's an easy way to show you care and leave a lasting impression.

Fiat welcome pack image & info from here: https://www.theverge.com/2021/3/31/22359851/fiat-500-hey-google-car-500x-500l-branding