Business Pants & Shorts

Branded Business Pants, Shorts and Slacks

Your professional look isn't complete without a stylish set of business pants featuring your corporate logo. We design our premium range of pants and shorts for daily comfort as well as office style. Grab a set for yourself or your whole team to ensure uniform appeal. We brand each pair of personalised trousers with your preferred logo or slogan. Pair them with any of our promotional polo shirts, business shirts or even singlets or tees for outdoor events!

Pants Customised With Unique Logo Embroidery

We will expertly embroider high-quality pants or shirts with your graphics or logos. For business pants, we recommend embroidery to go on either the left or right-hand sides under the belt area. A secondary location for branding popular with our clients is to the rear of the pants under the belt. We can embroider any other place upon request. For shorts, we recommend placing our logo on the bottom hem for the best visual impact. All our slacks, pants and shorts are suited to wearing on the legs in a professional environment. If you're unsure about which pants to get, or where to put your branding, just let our team know, and we'll be happy to advise you!

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Mix and Match Slack and Shirt Colours

An easy way to create a casual look which is still professional enough for your business is to contrast the colour between your uniform's top and your bottom half. Although there is no definitive way to ensure colour combinations work, we do have a few tips to help you get the best looking outcome for your organisation.

- Pair a direct contrast coloured pair of trousers or skirt with the top half of your uniform. Some examples may include black with yellow or light khaki with dark green. If in doubt ask us to create a wardrobe graphic layout for you to view.
- Pleated trousers are best suited to people who travel distances and require comfort. In the standard office workplace, they are less necessary and we recommend using them sparingly as they have a quite dated look.
- Accessories and branding will make a huge visual difference to your uniform. Coloured belts, ties, scarves and even pens can really jazz up your uniform. Branding your logo or a sponsor's logo at the right size and the right location will also significantly enhance the overall visual appeal for your top/bottom set.

These tips will work well for business trousers, skirts and even shorts for both sport and work purposes. If you need extra guidance please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff for further suggestions.

Dry Cleaning For Business Trousers

Where possible we recommend dry cleaning for business trousers or slacks. This owes to the fact that washing them in a machine can distort both the colour and the shape of the clothes. Shorts are a lot easier to care for as they are more casual and can be simply hand or machine washed at home. All our garments feature tags which will provide guidance and recommended cleaning options to help you get the most out of your trousers, shorts or skirts.

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