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Outstanding Printed Mugs and Gift Sets

One item that is always appreciated and never grows old is the personalised mugs. A solid way of advertising your company, printed mugs and gift sets are one of the most highly used promo items in the world that is why every company has them. Make your own customised mugs stand out with great materials and a printing process that will ensure your logo will not wear off or get erased.

Proper Timing

A good thing about custom-printed mugs is that there does not really have to be a reason for giving them out. It can be one of your staple promo items which you give out regularly throughout the year. Mugs are ideal for corporate events like trade shows, job fairs, product launches. They are also great as holiday gifts laden with goodies like cookies or jelly beans. Mugs are appropriate for both the home and the office so you can be sure that your mug will find a spot in your recipient’s life.

Different Designs

What will differentiate your mug is its design and the material used to make it. The most basic would be the ceramic mugs, but you can also go for plastic, glass, metal, and stainless steel. Your mug can have accents like covers and rubberized surfaces for easier grip. There are custom-branded thermal coffee mugs that can keep your beverage hot for hours. You can also opt for travelling coffee flasks with a carrying case or drinking cups with water purifier. Branded mugs come in various colours and sizes so there is sure to be one that will suit your company brand or image.

Custom-Branded Mugs

Mugs are ideal for printing your logo on. The space is great for an even-sized printing that will definitely capture the eyes. You also have the option to print on just one side or on either side of the mug. Printing can be done by full colour sublimation transfer or by using spot colours. Mugs are a relatively affordable promo item so you can go all out with its design. You can also have your item mass-produced and store them so that you have something ready to give out on any given occasion.

Mugs usually have a long life if used properly and they are some of the most highly re-usable items. They are also easy to clean and you can opt for mugs that are dishwasher safe. With a superior printing process, your logo can last for years and years meaning your brand can be seen by a lot of people for the same length of time.

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