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Embedded Trophies | Custom Insert Awards

Buy acrylic awards embedded with your unique physical item of choice. These fantastic memento items are available in a variety of appealing styles, each personalised by the professional decoration team at Cubic Promote. We will embed an item of your choice inside the trophies to add a really unique twist to the standard award format. Ask our friendly team today about why an acrylic custom award may be the right choice for your event.

Personalise These Awards with Your Insert

Some of the items we have inserted into these trophies in the past include Coins | Stamps | Coloured Oil | Leaves | Flowers | Part of a Paper Contract | Small Toy. Almost anything can be inserted into these trophies to make them special and truly personalised to be your own.

The Customisation Process

Items we embed within the trophy are sealed with no visible markings on the acrylic. The result is a trophy that looks utterly smooth, sleek and very attractive. These awards will last a lifetime as we make them from top quality acrylic which gives them a substantial weight and feel. The Acrylic is also very clear as well, allowing for expert viewing of the sealed item.

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15 Items

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Ask For Help with Designing

We welcome our customers to design their unique trophy. Be creative, there are simply so many different options that can make your award so very special. If you do not have the time or inclination to come up with a design, our team is on hand to assist. Drawing on our years of experience, we can have your trophy expertly designed so that it will look visually fantastic. A unique thing about these trophies is that we can even embed them with coloured oils. These oils will be delivered in your colour of choice and are partially transparent allowing light to shine through.

For us to help you with designing your custom embedded trophy we would need from you basic details about your event. The information that is required includes: Date of Event | Location of Event | Purpose of the Trophy | Sponsors | Name of the Occasion amongst other essential information.

Gift Boxed Award Trophies

These award trophies come delivered in a bubble wrap and then into a sturdy cardboard box. If you are ordering more than one trophy, we will have them securely packed into a carton box.

We deliver Australia wide for our award trophies. We box each item securely and we have not experienced any breakages over the past few years. You can be sure that the trophy will arrive at your event in perfect condition.

Caring for Your Acrylic Award

Acrylic awards will last a lifetime. They are very easy to clean as they have flat, smooth solid surfaces. When cleaning them please simply use a soft damp towel. If needed use larger amounts of warm water. Do not use detergents and avoid using chemical sprays as these can damage the surface of your award. If possible, we emphasise the need for a soft micro fibre cloth for cleaning. A cloth which has a rough surface can scratch the acrylic which will deteriorate the visual look of the item.

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