Custom Embedded Trophies

Promotional Embedded Trophy Awards

Buy trophy awards, have an item of your choice to be embedded inside the trophies, and have each customised with your desired words and graphic engraved. Embedded trophy awards are fantastic promotional items for organisations as well as individuals. We carry a wide array of embedded trophy awards suitable for any occasion. Our customised embedded trophy awards are fun and unique, designed to captivate attention.

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We Laser Engrave Acrylic Trophies & Awards

Using the latest laser engraving technology, we expertly etch your logo, message, or graphic onto the outer surface of the trophy or award. The result is a high-quality gift featuring your personalised message for all to see.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our embedded trophies and awards are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your logo. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, including delivery. However, if you require the products sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate your required turnaround.

A Completely Unique Gift Idea

Promotional embedded trophies and awards are a unique type of gift as an object is inserted inside. For example, have a block of chocolate inserted inside the trophy or award. In general, embedded trophies and awards are given out to recognise people's contributions or achievements, while others use them as memorial gifts for special events. Having your unique desired item embedded into the award or trophy will create excitement and impress the receiver.

An alternative item to celebrate achievements is giving wine in customised wine bags and boxes. We have promotional ECO Wine Holders and Bermuda Wine Bags.

What is an Acrylic Embedded Trophy Award?

An acrylic award is made from transparent, durable plastic, and the embedded factor comes from custom items added directly into the plastic mix during the manufacturing process. The resulting award then features a personalised addition (such as a coin or card) that remains a permanent part of the gift. These products are ideal for recognising individuals at conferences, special events, ceremonies, celebrations, or as premium gift to high-value clients.

FAQ on Acrylic Embedded Awards

Do you supply acrylic embedded trophies with logo branding?

Yes, we sell acrylic embedded trophies with your desired custom branding and your choice of item to be embedded into the trophies.

What is the smallest number of embedded awards that I can order?

The minimum order quantity of our embedded awards we can supply is 1 unit.

Do acrylic awards and trophies come in gift boxes?

Yes, our acrylic awards and trophies come boxed and ready for gifting.

What items can I have embedded in my acrylic awards?

Items that can be embedded in the acrylic award must be smaller than the award itself. We can embed most objects such as shells or rocks, money, and objects of sentimental significance. If you have something specific in mind, feel free to contact us to discuss it further.

What is the best way to keep acrylic embedded trophies and awards clean?

Our trophies and awards can be kept clean with a clean, soft cloth such as microfibre. To clean a dirty trophy or award, use warm soapy water. Alternatively, acrylic cleaners are available for purchase. Your acrylic awards are designed to last a lifetime with gentle care.

Ask For Help with Designing

We welcome our customers to design their unique trophy. Be creative, there are simply so many different options that can make your award so very special. If you do not have the time or inclination to come up with a design, our team is on hand to assist. Drawing on our years of experience, we can have your trophy expertly designed so that it will look visually fantastic. A unique thing about these trophies is that we can even embed them with coloured oils. These oils will be delivered in your colour of choice and are partially transparent allowing light to shine through.

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