Fund Raising

Using promotional items to raise funds for a charity or an event is a very nice way to go about raising awareness and also injecting a bit of colour and life into your event.






At Cubic Promote we to offer Sponsorship in the form of cash donations as well as merchandise for organisations to use to distribute to members or to sell to the public.  We normally sponsor 1 event each quarter.  If you would like to make an application please email or phone us and we will meet and consider the amount of contribution we may offer.

For Fund Raising from our experience there are some promotional items that work better than others.  As a fund raising product we generally recomend products that are:

1)  Fun Colourful and importantly Appealing

2)  A product that is useful

3)  A product that is logistically manageable and easily distributable

4)  A promotional item with a high perceived value

To find out more about products for fund raising or simply for events such as Student Orientation days and expos and conferences just email us to find out more!


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