Ladies Safety Work wear

Promotional Women's Safety Work Wear

Buy high-visibility safety clothing for women that comes custom printed with your logo design. If you have ladies working in roles that require hi-vis or safety attire, you can't beat the range of custom-branded uniform options for women at Cubic Promote.

We sell only promotional workwear that meets Australian standards, is hard-wearing, and is cut to provide comfort for different body types. Cubic Promote has 18 years of proven expertise in supplying promotional ladies' safety workwear that fits beautifully and looks fantastic with your company logo on it. 

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Difference with Custom Women's Safety Work Clothes

We have created a category just for womens outdoor work clothing, this category features apparel that is fitted for a more comfortable and more professional look for ladies who work in outdoor environments.

How to Care for Personalised Women’s Workwear?

The following are some of the best care tips for work clothes: 

  • Use Mild Detergent: To preserve fabric integrity and avoid harsh chemicals.
  • Wash Separately: They should be washed separately from other garments to prevent colour transfer.
  • Avoid High Heat: To prevent shrinking and damage.
  • Inspect Regularly: Check for any signs of wear or damage and repair or replace as necessary to ensure continued safety and functionality.

FAQ on Printed Women's Safety Uniforms

Do you supply women's workwear with logo branding?

Yes, we sell workwear in cuts for women featuring your custom logo decoration. Reach out to our sales team today for more information.

What is the smallest number of ladies' workwear items I can order?

The minimum quantity of ladies' workwear items (like jackets/shirts/pants) is between 5 and 10 depending on the product style. 

Do you supply hi-vis maternity wear?

Yes, we sell maternity workwear for pregnant staff members. We brand maternity wear for tradies just like any other uniform pieces so contact us for pricing today.

What safety standards do your Hi-Vis tops adhere to?

Our Hi-Vis tops are compliant with Australian safety standards for high-visibility clothing, guaranteeing they meet the essential reflective and colour specifications for workplace safety.

How long does it take to receive an order of customised hi-vis tops?

The lead time for customised hi-vis tops varies based on the level of customisation and order size. For a more accurate timeline tailored to your specific requirements, we advise contacting us directly.

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