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Promotional Leather Keyrings

Buy leather keyrings custom printed with your graphic or logo. Authentic leather keyrings make exquisite promotional gifts for buyers of luxury cars, visitors to premium resorts, and any place hoping to add a refined touch to their marketing. Cubic Promote stocks an assortment of leather keyrings manufactured from natual animal leather, tanned to perfection. Our custom branded leather key chains can be great for elevating your brand to Gucci levels, or simply to help boost visibility in the local community among the movers and shakers.

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We Pad Print, Deboss and Full Colour Print with Resin Coating

All our leather keyring products are brandable, using different techniques. For a cost-effective method, Pad Print accurately replicates any logo of up to 3 colours onto the flat surface of the leather. For those logos and artworks that are more complicated, our Full-Colour Print with Resin Coating perfectly copies your design onto the keyring without losing any colouring or definition. Finally, for a professional finish, deboss stamps your design into the surface of the leather, creating a long-lasting promotional product.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Cubic Promote has the unique opportunity of storing most of our products here in Australia. This allows us to offer a quick general turnaround of 2 weeks from artwork approval. However, if you have an urgent order, we can reduce this time to within a week. You need to call one of our friendly sales staff, and they will assist you with this as best they can.

What is a Leather Key Ring?

A leather keyring is a an attachment for keys or zippers made from animal leather and a metal loop or clip to your set of keys. Leather keyrings have been around for many years because leather is such a long-lasting and durable material. If you've ever purchased a new car or closed a real estate deal, the company you were working with likely gave you a premium keyring to celebrate, either leather or metal.

Leather Keyrings as Premium Gifts

Leather Keyrings are viewed as a premium product, significantly commonly associated with high-value items. As a result, they are given to consumers to purchase said high-value items. For example, with purchases of Ferrari, leather keyrings emblazoned with the car's logo are given to the owner as a gift. Therefore, giving leather keyrings as a gift automatically increases the product's value in somebody's head due to their association as a premium product. Thinking of a leather gift set for you next compaign? Enhance the luxurious feel of your promotional leather set with our logo-branded leather compendiums.

How to care for leather keyrings

Leather keyrings are a relatively low maintenance product, with only small practices needed to ensure they have a long-lasting life. Like most leather items, you should only clean leather with specialised leather cleaner products. Additionally, we suggest keeping the keyrings as dry as possible, not wholly submerging them in liquid, as this can cause the leather to deteriorate. Furthermore, leather should be stored out of direct sunlight as it can damage ths surface as well as pad printing over time.

FAQ on Leather Keyrings

Do you supply leather keyrings with custom printing?

Yes, we well leather key rings with logo decoration.

What is the minimum order quantity for leather keyrings?

The smallest number of leather keyring we can supply is 100 units per order.

Why do you recommend debossing and resin finishes on leather keyrings?

Debossing and resin finishes last longer than pad print, allowing for more prolonged brand exposure from the keyring.

Are your leather keyrings made from genuine leather?

Yes, we have a range of leather products made from genuine animal hide leather. Genuine leather keyrings are indicated by a badge attached to the products once purchased.

Do you sell vegan leather keyrings?

Yes, we have an extensive range of vegan leather options that look like leather but aren't made from any animal products. You can find these vegan leather options under the Plastic Keyring section.

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