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Promotional Sticky Combo Pads

Buy sticky note combo pads custom printed with your graphic or logo. Combo sticky note sets are popular promotional items for those working in offices, schools, and community organisations. These products combine the features of adhesive notes in various sizes and styles with note flags and other everyday essentials. Cubic Promote stocks a diverse range of sticky combo pads, which come in various styles and sizes, all boasting quality binding and decoration. Our custom branded combo note sets will help you keep track of all your work, Einstein-style, no matter if you use them in a home office or a conference event.

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We Pad Print and Digital Print Sticky Combo Pads

Our print team uses quality pad printing and digital printing techniques to add your design directly to the outer cover of sticky combo pad sets. Pad printing is a cost-effective way to add logos that feature 1-3 solid colours, while digital printing is more suitable for photographic designs or graphics with many hues of colour. Our team will provide you with professionally finished combo pads featuring your logo front and centre regardless of the technique used.

Fast Delivery in Australia

The standard turnaround time for custom sticky note combo sets is 2 weeks. However, if you need this product sooner, please tell us, and we will endeavour to work on your request. We deliver everywhere in Australia, including QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, TAS, NT, SA, and WA.

What are Sticky Note Combo Pads?

Sticky note combo pads are a combination of adhesive note paper sheets and bookmarking flags. Combo sets make useful everyday gifts because they allow you to keep track of notes at home, in the office, or while on the move. Promotional combo pad sets make popular promotional items to give to office personnel, students, professors, lawyers, and expo attendees alike.

Adhesive Notes vs. Adhesive Flags

Adhesive notes are used to make notes, summarize phrases, leave reminders, and organize or label boxes and containers. You can attach and reattach it on different surfaces like bulletin boards, monitors, mirrors, and paper. Adhesive Flags mark an essential passage in documents, colour coding, and page markers. If you want to highlight the pages you wanted to be signed, you can place the tail of the flags on selected pages.

FAQ on Sticky Note Combo Sets

Do you supply sticky note combo sets with logo printing?

We sell sticky note combo sets with your custom decoration.

What is the smallest number of sticky note combo sets I can order?

The minimum quantity of sticky note combo sets we can supply is 50 units.

Are all your combo note sets adhesive?

No, not all combo note sets are adhesive. Some feature regular notepaper rather than sticky notes. Please look at the individual product descriptions if you are unsure, or speak to our friendly customer care team.

Can you make sticky note combo sets in custom sizes?

Yes, speak to our team for more information on custom size options and costs.

Do you sell Australian-made combo note sets?

Yes, we stock a variety of Australian-made combo note sets. Let our team know you'd prefer an Aussie made option and we'll provide you pricing for our locally produced adhesive pad sets.

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Sticky Note Combo

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