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Promotional Tea Pots

Buy promotional tea pots custom printed with your graphic or logo. Promotional tea pots are a useful promotional gifts aimed at all tea and coffee fanatics. Cubic Promote stocks a wide array of durable tea pots and coffee presses that are shatter-resistant and long-lasting. So whether you're brewing up a cup of T2 Tea or a classic Nespresso, you'll find these tea and coffee makers to be the perfect companion for your morning starts or your quiet afternoon breaks.

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We Pad Print and Laser Engrave Tea Pots

The Cubic Promote team uses the latest pad printing and engraving technology, to expertly brand tea pots or coffee presses with your logo design. Pad printing allows you to have up to 3 solid colours in your design while laser engraving provides a subtle, premium finish. Either way, the results are great and will show off your company's brand to all your customers, staff, and clients.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Stocked right here in Australia, our tea pots and coffee presses come with fast delivery all over the country. We offer a general turnaround time of 2 weeks. Need them faster? No problem! At Cubic Promote, we can even accommodate your job in 3 days production ( by quotation), so reach out before your next event!

What is a Tea Pot?

A teapot is a glass, ceramic, cast iron, or stainless steel vessel. It is used to steep tea by placing the leaves (or bag) inside and then filling them with boiling water. This everyday item, invented thousands of years ago, is a staple of all kitchens around Australia and they make popular gifts.

What is a Coffee Plungers?

A cafetière is a cylindrical coffee brewer, often called a French press or coffee plunger. You add your ground coffee to diffuse in hot water before pressing down on an internal plunger to remove any traces of coffee bean from your perfect piping hot cuppa! The plunger method of brewing gives you great control of your drink, ensuring you get it just right for you, which makes these devices great custom gift ideas.

How to Keep Tea and Coffee Makers Clean

Keeping your tea & coffee maker clean is easy by following a few steps.

  1. Always rinse after use.
  2. Use lightly soapy water to clean if you notice staining.
  3. Add white vinegar and boiling water for caked on material or intense staining.
  4. Always rinse with hot water after cleaning with any other materials.

FAQ on Tea & Coffee Makers

Do you supply teapots with logo printing?

Yes, we supply tea pots with your custom branding, either by pad printing or engraving.

What is the smallest number of teapots I can order?

The minimum quantity of teapots we can supply is 25 units allowing you to cater for a small event or campaign.

What kind of tea do you use in a teapot?

One of the beauties of teapots is their versatility. You can either use loose-leaves by adding them to the included infuser element in the pot, or by dropping prefilled tea bags over the side of the pot to brew them in the hot water that way. When it comes to flavour, your choices are almost endless! You can be sure you or your client will enjoy your dearest cuppa every time from green tea and black tea to herbal tea.

What kind of coffee do you use in a coffee press?

You need to use coarsely ground coffee beans in a coffee press or plunger. When it comes to flavour, the choice is yours!

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