Golf umbrellas

Promotional Golf Umbrellas

Here you will find large golf umbrellas customised with your logo. When you need a promotional item that makes a big statement, then you cannot go past those big umbrellas. A working umbrella typically does not get thrown away. You will get on-going branding exposure.

Quality Automatic & Manual Umbrellas

All our umbrellas utilise a simple yet reliable opening and closing mechanism. We test all our umbrellas to ensure that they open very smooth when they leave our factory. You may choose an automatic or manual opening umbrella mechanism for our range of golf umbrellas. If the umbrella were intended to be used by children, though, we would highly recommend a manual umbrella.

Buy Screen Printed or Digitally Printed in Colour

We print your umbrellas onto each panel using screen printing. The most popular method for branding for almost 90% of the umbrellas is screen printing. If you're branding is a bit more intricate and require more colours to print then a Full Colour Digital Transfer may be the best option for you. We now also offer digital direct printing too. Ask us for advice when you make your enquiry.

Colourful Fabric Colours & Panels

Umbrellas are branded on individual panels. Branding across the panels this is possible but only through our custom made indent service for Golf Umbrellas. The minimum order is therefore 500 pieces. We stock a huge range of fabric colours, ask us when you make your enquiry so that you can choose the umbrella that is perfect for your needs.

When branding on individual panels we recommend to brand on alternate sides of the umbrella to ensure maximum visibility. Each umbrella typically has 8 panels. It is not often common to brand on all 8 panels as visually the result is quite crowded and not appealing. The most popular way to personalize umbrellas is to brand on 2 opposite sides.

Cheap or Premium Custom Golf Umbrellas

All our umbrellas are terrific value for money. In saying that though we have umbrellas to suit your budget and also to suit your event. The most popular style of umbrella that we sell are the Carbon Fibre Glass Umbrellas. A brief summary of each type of umbrella that we offer is as follows:

- Cheap Budget Golf Umbrellas

The lowest priced umbrellas in our range are made from Stainless Steel as being the main frame. This frame will not rust and is quite robust. The mechanism is quite smooth when used, however the umbrella is a little bit on the heavier side. For the price though these are an amazing option.

- Mid Priced Golf Umbrellas

The 2nd tier of golf umbrellas is made from a Stainless Steel frame which is anodized in Black. It makes the unit look a nicer and also provides a smoother opening mechanism. The blackened steel frame umbrellas used to be popular but recently with a huge price decrease in our premium Carbon Fibre Glass umbrellas they have not been as popular. If possible we recommend clients to either save money with budget umbrellas or to opt for premium fibre glass.

- Premium Priced Golf Umbrellas

The very best umbrella that is available is the Carbon Fibre Umbrella. The frame is made from Carbon Fibre which is a material that is extremely light in weight and provides an exceptionally smooth mechanism when opening or closing. Huge prices decreases recently have made this by far the most popular style of large golf umbrella that we sell.

Personalised Golf Umbrellas Supplied to Marquee Names

Have you ever been to high end retailers and seen some of the umbrellas that they have on offer as a retail item? Well we supply these umbrellas to many high end retailers. The quality of these premium umbrellas are amazing, whilst the best thing is that you will be paying not be paying anywhere near the prices that they retail for individually when you purchase them from us in bulk. This will give you some indication as to the quality of our personalised golf umbrellas

Trivia on Rain Shelters

Did you know that umbrellas were documented as being used in China over 4000 years ago? The Chinese used paper which was waxed to achieve waterproof properties. The word umbrella is Latin and is derived from the word Umbra which means shade.

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