Lollipops (branded lollies)

Custom Branded Lollipops

Buy Lollipops that printed with your logos and graphics. Lollipops are fabulous for many events because they are colourful and can help attract crowds. The fact that our lollipops are yum makes them even more appealing. Children, students and adults will love to receive one of these. Get them personalised so that they will remember you and your organisation.

Promotional Lollypop Flavours

Our lollypops come in a range of really cool colours. The colours reflect different flavours. The flavours and colours they come in are:

  • Yellow (lemon) | Blue (Tutti Frutti) | Orange (Orange)
  • Red (Strawberry) | Green (apple) | Purple (grape)

All these flavours have been extensively taste tested for you already so that you know they are tasty :). Check out our: Buying Guide Lollipops


Ideas on Where to Use

Use lollipops as a tag for gifts with purchases. They are low in cost and will give your recipient and a yummy instant sugar hit. It is such an easy, low-cost promotion to keep your customers buzzing along happily with their purchase. If your organisation works have team members that work directly with clients, consider having a jar on each person's desk so that they can distribute them to any children or guests that they may happen to work with. Other instances to use lollypops include simply handing them out as a free promotional gift, at expos, outdoor events and conferences.

Lollypops in Your Choice of Colour

We deliver lollypops to you in either mixed colours or in your choice of corporate colours. Ask us when you make your enquiry and tell us which colours you prefer.

Storage and Shelf Life

Lollipops have a long shelf life of around 1.5 years. It is best to store them away from sunlight and at office temperatures or cooler. Keep them away from humidity. Extra care to keep them fresh and dry is needed compared to other confectionery, as even though their taste is not affected having them melt ever so slightly will result in lollypops sticking to the wrapper which is not a good idea.

Nutritional Labelling & Food Safety

Our lollypops include on the back standard nutritional labelling. In Australia, it is a legal requirement to have this visible at all times. Our product follows all necessary laws and regulations in Australia regarding food safety. Rest assured that when you buy food products from Cubic Promote your guests will enjoy these treats safely.

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