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Are regular flash memory drives boring you? Then this range of creative USB memory sticks personalised with your branding may be just what you and your company are looking for. We also have flash memory drives at 3.0 speeds available for certain styles too.

Choose your Custom Memory Drive Capacity

We carry the entire range of memory capacities which are available for each and every style of USB memory drive that you see below. The most popular capacities are 1gb, 2gb and 4gb. With memory prices coming down rapidly though you can easily purchase 8gb capacities for the price of a 2gb memory just a year ago. Other capacities include: 16 gigabytes | 32 gigabytes | 64 gigabytes | 128 gigabytes. Ask us for a quote!

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Creative or Cute Customised Memory Drive Colours

Some of the most cutest and creative USB keys in the world can be found on this category. In the off chance you cannot see what you are looking for, or merely would like something that is created just for you then ask us. We create new designs and casings for thumb drives virtually every day. Our experience is your confidence.

When you purchase a unique flash memory drive consider having a matching printed mousepad delivered with your order so you can create a gift pack for your guest. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

Handy Tip: When Water Damages a Personalised Thumb drive

Have you ever accidentally dropped your flash memory drive into water? Then this handy tip my help you get out of your mess. Shake excess water out of the wet memory drive. Allow the drive to dry in room temperature for a week. Once done, then use as normal. If this does not work then sadly you will need to purchase a new unit.

Mix Up Colours for your Promotional Memory Drive

Almost all our entire range of flash USB sticks come in a different colour. The most common colours are Black | White | Green | Dark Blue | Light Blue | Yellow | Orange | Brown | Purple | Silver | Grey | Pink. When you place your order, why not consider getting a mix of colours? It costs no extra as long as you order 50 pieces in each colour. This will allow your recipient the choice to pick the one they like and add a lot of colour to your event.

Choose the Personalised USB Drive That Says You!

With the range of creative flash memory drives available, you can pick the style that says the most about you. How about a Syringe Style flash memory key if you are in the medical industry? Or a book shaped flash memory drive if you are in the publishing industry. Think a little outside the box and you can have some truly memorable merchandise for your event. If you are stuck for ideas call us to help!

Buy USB Pocket Drives in Bulk Cheaply

You would be surprised but our range of awesome memory drives is not all that expensive. We buy bulk and pass on the savings to you. So you can be assured of receiving a top quality product at low prices each and every time when you order. Our minimum order quantities begin at 50 pieces. Enquire today for the best price, our prices change every 2 weeks.

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