Lip Balms


Promotional Lip Balm & Chap sticks

Buy lip balms custom printed with your branding. One of our most functional products, it's a great companion through crazy Australian weather. When dry air, cold temperatures, or the wind dry out lips, you're going to want one of our chapsticks. These are small, portable and handy to have around. Having your logo personalised on these means your company's brand name will always be visible. Lip balms have the benefit of a large wrap around printing area to ensure your branding can is visible by the user and any passer bys.

Digitally Wrap Print or Spot Print Your Graphics

Our lip balms can be customised with your branding and images via wrap printing using digital CMYK print or by using pad printing. Both methods provide you with an exceptionally clean, professional image which is extremely appealing.

UV Protection & SPF 30+

We have lip balms that are available with broad UV protection and other options available with a SPF of 30+ to provide natural protection from the sun. Perfect for the winter and summer months.

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Accessorize & Customize Your Branded Lip Balms

Lip balms are the perfect pocket sized promotional product. Easily pop them in your pocket or bag. You can even purchase your lip balm with accessories like a keyring, lanyard, a carabiner clip to really make them your own.

Lip balm Flavours Available

Our lip balms are available in a range of flavours. Some popular flavour options that we stock include: Key lime Pie | Watermelon | Citrus | Mint | Coconut | Beeswax and Vanilla. If you fancy even more choice then consider our indent custom made service (available for orders above 5000 pieces). Using our indent service additional flavours are possible such as, chocolate, strawberry, banana, lime and more. In fact lip balms can be so unique that you can have them delivered with Soda (softdrink flavours) just like these soda custom lip balms.

When you make your enquiry, why not consider buying lip balms in a mix of flavours? It does not cost anymore and will provide your guests with the option to choose the one that they like the best. My personal favourite is Watermelon!

Chap Stick Trivia (The Original Lip balm)

The lip balm was originally named Chap Sticks. According to history it was created by a doctor in America called Charles Browne Fleet in 1880. The original product failed to attract the imagination of the public and the product did not sell well. Dr. Charles Browne Fleet decided to sell the rights to the product to John Morton for a mere $5.00. They had reasonable success making the product and marketing it. Since then the rights to the product has changed hands several times and today the original trademarked name Chap Stick and Lip Balms are used to describe the same product.

Storing Your Logo Branded Lip balms

Lip balms supplied by us can easily be stored for up to 2 years. Provided that they are placed in a location that is both cool and dry these products are fantastic when stored in your office and ready for use for your next event. When they are delivered we do recommend that you take them out of the supplied cartons though, as depending on the weather conditions at the time the carton may have taken in some excess moisture which will affect your lip balm storage life.


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