Promotional Tape Measure

Promotional Tape Measures

Buy tape measures custom branded with your logo. These are one of the most popular promotional items and for a good reason. Small, handy, convenient, and something you're likely to keep on hand, these tape measures are sure to be used, and your brand sure to be recognised.

2 Types of Tape Measures

  • Soft tape measures

These are used to measure physical bodies such as your waist. Perfect for tailors and those involved with fashion, they're ideal for measuring people, garments or items where a high degree of flexibility is necessary to measure accurately.

  • Hard Tape Measures

Usually made from soft, flexible aluminum, these are tape measures that are more durable. Perfect for trade professionals and handypeople. Best suited for measuring larger areas and are the best option for measuring physical locations without a lot of bends and curves.

Print or Engrave Your Branding

Our tape measures are available for you to purchase with either pad printing of your logo or laser engraving (in the instance of tape measures with a metal case). Both effects provide brilliant branding and will make these products instantly appealing to your recipient. Prices on our site include a one colour print of your logo. Excludes GST. Print Set Ups will apply.

Personalised Tape measures are not just for tradies. (our custom tape measures are designed to be robust for professional and commercial use). We have tape measures starting from 80cm through to 8 metres. We have any tape measure for any type of situation. If you do not see what you are after, then call us and we might even be able to custom create something just for you.

Combine Printed Merchandise & Order in Bulk

Make your promotional tape measure go further by making a purchase order along with accessories that your recipient will really love. For example why not consider purchasing them with a pencil or even a calculator? A notebook or a compendium will also be a perfect accessory to your tape measure. In fact if you order them together in bulk you will also receive a discount on top too. Ask for a quote today.

Soft Logo Printed Tape Measures

A soft tape measure is typically used to measure waist lines and are made from laminated fabric nylon. This makes them perfect for event campaigns targeting obesity or health as well as a great item for gyms. However in a retail environment for both customers and sales staff they are also fantastic. For example products like T.V or furniture or even clothing retailers can benefit from having a mini pocket custom branded tape measure.

Customize the Tape Itself

For larger orders, not only can you personalize the casing of the tape measure but you can also have the actual measuring area customized as well. Create all sorts of amazing and amusing designs. Throw in some colour to really make them look amazing. To find out how contact us today.

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