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Promotional Yo Yo & Frisbees

We supply frisbees and yo-yos personalised with your logos and graphics. With fast delivery Australia wide and cheap pricing you cannot afford to miss out. Our range of frisbees and yo-yo's are perfect for student orientation days, conferences and events.

We carry a huge variety of frisbees, and Yoyo's in stock right now in Australia to enable us to offer you quick delivery all around Australia.

Flying things with Fun Appeal

Frisbees and yo-yos have always been amongst the most popular types of promotional products. Their appeal is the bright, happy colours (think blues, green, reds, yellows amongst other sharp colours). Another thing that interests is the fact that these products are simply fun and appealing.

Custom Branded for Marketing Appeal

A frisbee or a yoyo has plenty of brand marketing appeal. A frisbee tends to attract visual attention, while a yo-yo is an ultimate toy used for fidgeting. Having your logo on either type of these products means you get easy branding marketing for your logo.

Our frsibees are Australian Made, whilst are yoyos are custom branded locally as well. Buying Guide Yo Yos & Frisbees

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Eco-Friendly Option

Plastic is derived from petroleum, which as we all know is a finite resource. Therefore we have begun offering frisbees in an eco-friendly version. These still feel the same and fly just as well as normal frisbees, however they are made from recycled plastics. With recycled frisbees the key visual difference that identifies them as eco-friendly is that they tend to be off green or off grey in colour. If you do not mind this (as the colour is quite appealing in its own right) then definitely consider purchasing the eco-friendly versions as an option.

Soft Flyer Branded Frisbees

Fancy a promotional item for the indoors? Then consider the soft flyer frisbees. These are made with a soft wire frame and with fabric covers. When thrown indoors, your walls and furniture are protected as these frisbees are light in weight and simply bounce off surfaces. Consider this item when you expect your recipient to be either quite young or if your guests are mainly office workers so that they can have fun with these around the office.

Cherry Pick Your Colours

The big appeal about yo yos and frisbees is that they are fun! You can make them even more appealing to your recipients by purchasing them in bulk in a variety of colours. This option does not cost any extra but will really make your product and indirectly your logo much more appealing when you are using them in events like tradeshows and expos.

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