5 Creative Ways to Make Your Branded Promotional Products Stand Out

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Branded merchandise can be an excellent way to increase brand awareness and promote your business in unique and creative ways that leave long-lasting impressions on your customers. Here are five effective ways to create memorable experiences for potential customers with branded products:

Creative Ways to Make Your Promotional Products Stand Out

Key Takeaways

  • Personalising your products with messages or customized designs can make them unique, memorable and show recipients that you care about them.
  • Using eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled plastics, as well as textures like soft-touch finishes or textured surfaces, adds an element of uniqueness to the promotional items and also portrays your business's values for sustainability.
  • Adding interactive elements including QR codes and gamification provides a fun way for customers to engage with your brand while generating user-generated content for social media sharing. This strategy can increase engagement rates at events where these giveaways often occur!

Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand


While slapping generic logos on promotional items is common practice for most companies, personalizing these giveaways is the perfect way of making them more attractive. With personalization, you're not only showing your attention to detail but also creating value through thoughtful gift choices.

Adding a personalised message or customized logo design can quickly turn an ordinary item into something that people would appreciate and love. For example, customizing pens with recipient's names will add the element of surprise while demonstrating thoughtfulness simultaneously.

Unusual Materials

Choosing promotional eco-friendly products like bamboo or recycled plastic can grab the attention of environmentally conscious consumers. These promo items show that you care about sustainability while adding uniqueness touches previously unseen in everyday processes like product packaging - this leaves a lasting impact on any consumer who interacts with it!

For instance: using unusual textures such as soft-touch finishes or textured surfaces creates a tactile experience unlike any other which makes your product distinctive from others being marked by competitors using traditional strategies alone!

Useful Items

If there's anything we've learned over the years is practicality drives consumptions! When giving away branded items at events; phone chargers, reusable water bottles and tote bags go hand-in-hand perfectly offering both convenience & style all rolled up into one package (quite literally!).

These utilitarian pieces offer high usage rates amongst recipients which means they'll continue being exposed increasing exposure figures even further beyond expectations set forth initially when brainstorming ideas for attendance booster kits etcetera beforehand- think outside box today by predicting future trends tomorrow utilizing big data analytics tools available now!


Presentation is key when it comes to promotional items - the packaging included in that! Incorporating custom-branded hat boxes, bags or tissue paper with your logo is a surefire way of making waves at events. Surprise and delight are increasingly being used as ways for companies alike while attempting to create positive associations with customers about their products before purchase even occurs- this can actually work well provided everything else falls in line alongide targeted marketing trends!

Interactive Elements

You shouldn't always take thing too seriously-always add a little fun thinking on how you could incorporate an interactive element into your brand's next promo item effectively encouraging participation from audiences via social media channels using contests & prizes!

Utilising augmented reality experiences, QR codes or scratch-off cards will help increase excitement around these giveaways which can translate into free sharing of content both online & off-line among engaged participants.


Branded promotional merchandise has proven successful regularly albeit most recently adapting to change offering consumers something more personalised than ever before; using consumer behavior data available through machine learning algorithms so companies alike may construct highly unique gifts suited just for those receiving them rather than defaulting towards freebies offered by traditional corporate guidelines.

These five innovative ideas should get things started again providing timely results acting as game changers contributing positively towards eventually creating real strategic goals aligned directly upward movement down specified paths- what do you suggest?

Author Profile: Blake Tucker

Blake Tucker

Blake is a new transplant to the promotional products industry, but after several years in real estate he knows what it's like to be a customer looking to buy promotional products! Blake is an expert on client experience and product recommendations, particularly of the sporting variety. Visit him on LinkedIn or email him via blake@cubicpromote.com.au


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